Thursday, December 20, 2012

West Texas Rain and Santa

Well ho ho ho, it is getting close to Christmas now.  Can you feel the excitement of it all?   There is an advertisment now on TV that several kids are sitting on the sofa with the little head flashlights on their forheads waiting for Santa.   I love this ad, not sure what they are advertising but then the next scene they are in all positions sound asleep on the same sofa.  I can remember going to big department stores, I think in Washington state and the stores were so decorated like a fairy land.  I will always remember those wonderful sites.   A note about really not knowing where I was, Daddy was in the Army so we did move a time or two and I was like 5 ish when I remember that time in my life.   

At our mall here in Lubbock years and years ago there was a store called Hempell Wells, not sure on the spelling of that one.  They use to have display windows outside of their store, they would decorate them to the hilt, dolls and creations all celebrating Christmas.  Icicles and elves doing little cute things that they do.  A beautiful religious scene was always part of the display also.    Sadly the store is gone now and the windows all bricked up but the memories are still here in my mind though.   I think what we do to make memories is such a wonderful treat for us.

When we had our home in Seminole I would try and decorate it to the hilt, garlands and pretties everywhere  with a little manger scene I bought from Sears and Roebuck in 1973 , I still use it by the way.  Baby Jesus does not go out of style in my book.    We had a 14 foot tree in the middle of the room and I used it many times for Christmas sessions and it made me feel good that people wanted their family photographs in front of our tree.  

We have now pared down and down on the tree size, down to an 8 foot tree.  It does look kind of wimpy compared to the larger ones we had but still decorated with love and all the fan fare that goes with it.  I have changed some of the decorations, the Victorian dolls have come out of their box this year and they are still just as pretty as ever.   Our small collection of Santa's have moved everywhere in this house and I think I have finally found a home for them.  

Now this little Santa I treasure most of all.  Grandson sold it to me in one of the school "donations" as I call them.   I can still remember him with his little brief case and pulling the folder out with lots of "prizes" for you to choose for a small donation to help the school.

The little grouping of Santa's with Christmas pictures at their feet and I keep thinking I need to get one more, odd numbers you know, but oh well bet Santa doesn't care at all.   In the back is the old typewriter of Eldon's mothers.   In it at Christmas is a note to Santa to be safe and the our Grands have been very good this year.  
 Now I know I talked about West Texas Rain, well here is some photos of it in all it's glory.  
Now I promise that none of these photos have been retouched or enhanced in any way.   Yesterday morning it was nice, we ran out and did a couple of errands and was safely at home by 10:30.   Then Katy bar the door with wind hit with gusts over 65 MPH and up.   This is out our back door.    Kind of reminds me of the red color in a movie that Arnold  S. did.  

Out our front door.  You can imagine what everything looks like today, a tad dusty.  Oh well, I guess I needed to dust again anyway.  It does filter into the house, not bad but you know it is there.  The fur babies loved it they got to stay inside our home.  Now remember they are outside dogs unless it is cold, hot, wind blowing, raining or snowing.   I think that covers all the elements that bring them in.  
Now these two photos I copped off of Ron Roberts, our weatherman, face book site but had to share them. Not sure who took them but they were pretty awesome.

An aerial of our storm.   I use to go up and do aerial photos but only on calm days. 
Now I am thinking that Santa would have a tough time flying in this wind and dust what do you think?   He does manage to do a lot of magic though and has his reindeer to guide him.    Should I mention Rudolph? 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. In case I don't get back here for a day or so   Have a wonderful Merry Christmas.   Yes I still say Merry Christmas.