Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year and A New Block

Well Happy New Year to you all.   Here we are starting a new adventure again.   2013.   I am not a  resolution maker but do sometimes write down on a piece of paper of things I would like to accomplish.  Goals I guess, most of the time I misplace or lose the paper but in a year or so it appears.  Like OK Annette, you forgot about me but here I am.   I haven't done that yet this year, don't know what I am waiting for.  A vision I guess, not a vision but just a time when I sit still and start writing down things.   You know there is a lot to the thought of writing down in a journal or what have you, just a healing process I guess.  OK I am straying now.   

Last year I took several online classes and friends that is the way to do it.  You can do the classes whenever you want and just dilly dally all you want.  You don't have to wait on anyone that is late to the class or anything.  Just play to your hearts content.  I do hope to sharpen my skills with the classes I did last year, kind of do overs if you will. I have the notes, well my notes---not the best BUT on Life Book they give you PDF's and they are great.  I am taking that again this year  Life Book 2013.   I was not the best student and didn't do all my lessons but may or not be better this year and get more done.  I will not promise.  

I have joined a group, on my sidebar is the link thing, and it is CQ 2013.  Wow what Kathy has done is bring lots of CQers together.   Where you make a block at least 6 inches and decorate it as you please and just kind of a motivation to do it!!!!  Lots of ladies over the world are doing it and it is fun to see the different stitches and designs.   See pat Winter what you created in me?   A CQ wild lady.  Being as it is the first of the year I did this square to celebrate Happy New Year !!! Some bling if you will.

I do hope you can see the detail in these.  The center color is a deeper Rosy pink and a beaded center piece is a treat to own from the glitzy days of yon. 

Now here is some horn tooting but Pat Winter made me feel pretty special adding me in this Winter issue of her magazine.  I think I mentioned it earlier but had so share pics with you.  

I just had to share the pages Pat showed in her beautiful magazine. It was certainly an honor to be included in it. Now Pat did include our photos in the last magazine with our class work we did in Artful Gathering.

The cover is aways eye candy to the CQ lover of anyone else that likes to see pretties and creative work.

The first part of my featured pages.  Oh I did feel so honored when I saw this.   My friend and owner of  Lytle Cove Cottage in Abilene Texas is offering these to her brides.  Now wouldn't those be a wonderful first stockings for a young bride and groom?  I did one with denims for the handsome guys.  

"THE PILLOW"  was also featured.  I have made a couple more of these but lighter colors.  They are indeed habit forming to make these.  Humm guess better than chocolate, almost. 

The last but not least showcase was a purse that I made for a gift.  I love mine and hope they did also.
So there you go welcoming in the new year with some bling, Texas style and instead of tooting the New Years horns I tooted my own horn.  Such an honor to be in the magazine but just had to share and hope all of y'all have a wonderful and creative 2013.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.