Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lots of Cutting--LOTS

Back in the olden days my mother in law got me for Christmas some electric scissors.  Man I loved those things, I could just zip thru fabric like Edward Scissor  Hands.  Bits and pieces just flying in the air and my hand wouldn't hurt at all.  You know sometimes you get scissor hand cramps and not with those things.

Now I say this because I just finished a couple of new stockings for the grands.  I was going to do the Crazy Quilt ones but then I remembered that until 1988 we had similar stockings.  I needed something totally different,  a new start so to speak. 

I was blog hopping, do y'all do that sometimes?  On one blog    Stone Gable I found this delightful stocking and the instructions so off I went.   Cutting lots of little pieces, glueing and playing.  There I go creating like a 1st grader again.   Love that they do the glueing and "playing" with their creations. 

Semi close up of one of my stockings.    Only 210 little petals for the pointsettias on one stocking.  .  Loved doing it though.

A close up of the pretty poinsettia's.  

 I added a red bow for Grandson's stocking, maybe a little less girlie.  I don't think he will mind though.
White bow for the Princess's stocking.  I know it is girlie and she will love it and the bling also.

So I am giving Stone Gable a giant thanks for the tut on her blog.
There you go what is happening in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by.   Hummmmm it is smelling like Christmas around here.