Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eazy Peazy and Yummy

Now it is the time for yummy foods and things our hips don't need at all.  Dear Jane said, I hope I get this right, 5 seconds on the lips and 5 years on the hips.   Cute isn't it and so very true.   At least in my case it is.  

Every year I make goodies and give away and we have to eat them also.   Then after Christmas we put the left overs in the freezer and then about our Anniversary in January, 52 years coming up, we take some out of the freezer to celebrate.   Then every once in a while DH comes grinning like a little boy in a candy shop with some goodies in hand and announces that the goodies were calling his name and he had to rescue it from the frozen tundra of the freezer.   So rest assured the goodies do not fall into the frozen abyss of the freezer never to see daylight again.  

I found a link to a site and went there.   Oh my goodness these girls are going to kill my hips I kid you not.  Six Sisters' Stuff   has not only a cute story but lots of goodies for us to try.   It is our duty to do this I certainly don't want to hurt their feelings, they are all cute as a bug and talented.   I gave you the link for cracker toffee.  I know I thought what?  Cracker toffee?  I have made some yummy somethings with grahm crackers like this and they are to die for but saltine crackers?  Well my trust stove and oven got fired up again and I made them and yep they are an eazy peazy version of toffee and will do major damage to you hips.  

I won't put a pic on today with this post, they have a great one with the recipe and you can print it off and the whole nine yards. 

Well my friends,  thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Have a good day and create something pretty.