Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Bling in the Snow

Ho ho ho, well getting there isn't it?    We have not had snow and yes our part of Texas does get some snow.  Not a lot but usually a little and gone the next day--USUALLY .    I always love looking at it from our nice warm home and seeing the sun hit the snow and looks like little diamonds.   Glistening and sparkles.  That sounds like Mother Nature Bling to me.   Maybe deep down Mother Nature is part Texan and loves her bling.  She could be. 

I have been working on my December journal page for Roses on My Table.   Love that place by the way.   I had some tissue paper with holly on it and just wadded it up and glued it down on my double page.  I always try to make double pages so my art journal will flow better.   After gluing it down I added gesso over it and I saw trees lots of branches so off I ran with that.   Funny how when you start one of these things I never never know where I am going with it.   So added some "snow" aka cotton batting stolen from the mantle piece I did this year and added some glitter and mica flakes and added my Mother Nature bling.  

Now I know there are no rules for art journaling but I just do it my way and no one has kicked me out of the art journal world.   I do try to glue bits and pieced of things on my pages but again thank goodness no rules.  

So here it is and my journal is growing.   Yea that means I am filling it up and doing some art work. 

After adding the charcoal and pan pastels the branches just said here I am.  
I also made a couple of new stockings for the mantel this year.   Eazy Peazy just a lot of cutting.  Hey I could tell you about that one in a day or so.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Have a great day and create something pretty.