Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a Day for the Mother Load

The Mother Load, now when I think of this I think when they were panning for gold and they would find the Mother Load of all Mother Loads of Gold.  Yep there is gold in them thar hills.  Anyway that is what comes to mind when I hear that.

Hubby came in yesterday and said "You have hit the Mother Load of mail today".  I thought what? What?   What came in?  I had not been expecting anything YET !!!!  Well, Tisha in Tisha's needlework shop had sent the Red and Purple goodies I needed to make a Red Hat Day purse for a lady that ordered one of my purses.    The Red and Purple fabric, ribbon and beads.  All enough to make a Red Hat Lady love it .  I mean who wouldn't love Red and Purple together?   Some beautiful Victorian looking clasps, with enough fufu on them to choke a horse, they had come in from China that they said may take 3 months and only took 10 days.  A beautiful Calendar I had order featuring Pat Winter's beautiful work.  Will I write in it like I do to keep up with events that I write down and don' t look at again.  Don't you touch it.   Some chains for the purses, AND a letter from Uncle Jim and Auntie Thelma in England.  Please remember that I didn't even know I had an Uncle Jim and Auntie Thelma until what a year ago?  A found treasure indeed  was finding them.   Now I consider all of this together to be the mother load of all mail hauls.  Each one by it's self would be a treasure but all together?  WHEW my heart was pounding.   Now you do have to agree this was the mother load of a mail haul.  Well a few bills but that is a given.  Even our Long Term care quarterly bill, now that will choke a horse.  But it is an important expense. 

I felt like it was Christmas morning.  I guess I should have taken pics of it all but Miz laziness here just took of what came in the mail from England.  A wonderful letter and some lumpy bits in the letter. What was it you ask?   I certainly didn't know, so uncarefully I ripped the envelope open.  I did not open it gracefully let me tell you.  Just ripped and tore the envelope open.   I felt like the little boy opening his presents in Christmas Story before he found out he got a Red Rider B B gun that he might shoot his eye out with.   Wonderful movie by the way if you haven't seen it a million times like we have. 

I then read the letter after looking in awe at what they had sent me. 

WHAT Annette?  Show us!!!!

Some of Uncle Jim's patches.  Oh what a treasure and I am going to frame them with a picture of him in his  white competition suit and his black belt with some of his grandchildren.  Is that not the coolest thing?  I will always treasure these and that they thought enough of me to send these to me.  It looks like he was a Referee also and the bottom patch looks pretty important and older in my eyes.  

I did another portrait of Zinnia and this one looks more like a what I had intended to do the first time.   Of course I still see things I could fix but i think that is part of learning. At least for me, so next time and onward and upward.

I hope I captured her love of life and spunkieness.  
So there you go  this is what has been happening in my world and no telling what the mail will bring today or what will happen in my art world. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


  1. What a wonderful gift, I am sure it must be worth gold to you! How nice to have discovered you had these parents in England and to keep such an affectionate contact. Your portrait is absolutely lovely , she has such beautiful eyes and the sweetest smile, someone ( wonder who? ) said that when we paint a portrait we always portray ourselves :-) XXX

    1. Thanks Jane, to find an Aunti and Uncle that I didn't even know I had is indeed a treasure. Funny you should say that we always portray ourselves. When in Sedona this summer I was telling about an "angel" I met and the lady with us said you know you are looking in the mirror at yourself? I know someone like Buddah or some learned person probably said that first. But I thought oh my Jane has heard it also. Hugs and glad you are back. xoxox

  2. wow can feel your excitement love those days when stuff comes together it is indeed like christmas lol and great idea framing the labels with your uncle's pic...

    hugz bev

  3. the sketch looks amazing! But I couldn't stop laughing at the "pan for gold" allusion... my husband's dream is to be able to mine for gold hahahaha


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