Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Man's trash is another Man's treasure

You know that saying----"One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure?  Well another version could be one man's trash is another man's trash.  Guess it could be true.   And isn't it funny that things I threw away years ago I am now thinking oh I wish I had that.  Probably was pure junk but today I am a junk collector to create pretties.  Sounds like a good thing doesn't it?   Now I am not a hoarder but well maybe a hoarder of art supplies.  A friend, Nelda, once said who ever has the most china, painting supplies, fabric ( rats I donated all of my fabric years ago) or whatever you create with wins.  So OK I am not going to win that race but it is fun to play.

Since we have moved here Hubby has picked out of the newspaper Estate sales, so every once in a while we do this little past time.  The only difference between an Estate sale and a garage sale to me is Estate sales can charge more for the very same thing than an garage sale.  But to Estate sales we wander.  Sometimes we even spend $20 for the day and come home with a lot of treasures or not.   Funny what you do when you go to another town isn't it?  We have never really done anything like this, just seems like the thing to do. 

A couple of weeks ago we did the Estate sale jaunt and went to one house and the daughters were there and so sweet and of course we had to talk baseball just a tad.  Don't have a clue how we got on that subject but we did.   We did discuss the 4 homer game that Josh Hamilton did back in April or May.   They had put their sweet mother into a home, we are pretty sure, and selling her treasures.  So for $5 we got a big box of lace and linens I can use for the journals I am fixin to make for my friend Ginger and her beautiful wedding "home".  What a fantastic place to have a wedding.    Lytle Cove Cottage is the name of it.  So the linens were purchased and found some earrings.   Oh not just any earring but some EARRINGS!!!!! With Bling.   $2 a pair now that is a deal of the century, well almost after reading further down you will see what is. 

$2 a pair these were and just begging to be purchased and used on one of pillows or throw I am fixin to make for our bedroom.  Don't you know this sweet lady was stylin' wearing these?   I promised the daughters I would make something pretty with them and they said they would tell their mother. 
After this sale we went to another, it was suppose to be an Estate sale but I think, being in the garage it was a garage sale.  Just a guess, we looked and really saw nothing.  Then as we were leaving Hubby of all Hubbys said oh look at this.  I came over and lo and behold was the again a mother load of pearls.  I knew when I saw it OMG I have to have it.  I could cut this up and make so many things out of it but then after the excitement brought me down to the concrete floor , I thought wonder how much they want for this?   $5  only  $5 , I snatched that up in a New York second and that my friends is fast.  I have only been to New York City once but a second there is pretty quick. 
Here you go, I do believe in this Estate Sale hunting ladies opinion it is well worth $5.  I have a fortune in pearls and trim alone not even including the  lace and it is decorated also. 

OK now you can quit drooling .   It was, we found out a second marriage dress and then that didn't work out.  So we will make this pretty dress happy and can proudly be shown off like it is suppose to be.  
There you go our exciting adventure of ,  I think a week or so ago. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.