Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Scarecrow of the Wizard of Oz

Farewell October we will see you next year and enjoy your fall colors you bring to us.  OK got that out of the way or should I say I have that little farewell speech to October said?

I know now how the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz felt, being covered in hay and the dirt that comes with it while he was hunting for a brain along with his fellow companions.    Yesterday  we mowed for maybe one last time of the season.  Maybe.   Well I thought ----Annette why don't you lower the mower to like 2 1/2 inches and then when it snows maybe Jewel won't rub her tummy so much in the grass and then in the spring we won't have so much more to cut off to get the yard ready for the 2013 season.   Sure Annette, why not?  So in my yard attire, long sleeves, gloves, hat, goggles and a mask off I go on my green lawn mower.  No this was not my Halloween costume just what I wear when doing the nasty mowing in the back yard.  I usually though wear all of it but the mask when doing the regular mowing. .   I was covered in dried grass clippings, dirt that was in the grass and who knows what else.  The whole time I thought poor Scarecrow how he must have felt.  OK you have a lot of time to think and dream while mowing.  

I had trimmed the patio plants for Eldon  or DH to put in the back garage with their little heaters to keep them warm.   Now we use to have and I kid you not, over 50 or more plants but now have culled them down to 15 or so.  

OK, now I did get carried away with some pictures but one last hooray for the flowers.

Some of the blooms I cut off of the bougainvilleas, I hate to cut them off but if you don't they will take over the garage and become space hogs and stab you when you are not looking.  They have some thorns on them and will get ya.  They will never know the difference that I gave them a winter hair cut.  In fact they are back to blooming their little heads off in the garage, good job they have  a short memory.

A close up of their beautiful blooms.  They are a true delight to look at.

The Hibiscus is still blooming in the garage also.  The hummers are gone for the season so they won't miss these not being outside.  We do try to plant something for them to feast on.

Something, I forget what it is but the hummers love it, it stays basically green all winter and stinks to high heaven.   BUT it blooms and stays outside to add some life to the patio.

Angel Wing Begonias, now we treat this as an annual and let it freeze,  I know you can call us a plant killer but we have trimmed them back and they do not winter well in the back garage.  Usually get those awful little mealy bugs and it is a cheap plant.  So say good bye to it when it freezes really bad.

Some wild geraniums, I do think these little things would take over the world if we let it but they are pretty and grow in the flowerbeds.

One of the last roses of the summer/fall, I think roses just like it better when it is cooler and not 100 plus weather. 


I had to include the rose hips, funny little things but they have such pretty colors in them.

Sedum is a wonderful desert flower  and you can break off a stem, remove some of the leaves and stick this little stem in the ground and you will have more of these.  The blooms are really pretty. 

The purple jew, love this stuff and again break off a piece stick it in the ground and you have more.  It freezes back but pops it's little head up in the spring and goes at it again.  It never lets you down at all.

The day lillies are still blooming but not for long.  Just had to let it be seen also.
There you go, I did get carried away with these and like I said we just don't have as many plants here as we did in our fairy land of a yard that we did have at our old house. 
Have a great day and Happy Halloween
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  
Like Arnold says~~~~ I'll be back.