Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood and Santa

I think you all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the pretty little red cape she wore.  When doing photography I was always trying new and fun things when photographing children.   So Red Riding Hood was the next project, now trying to find bright red velveteen in February/March was like looking for  a needle in a haystack.  Which would be impossible in my book.  Anyway we were gong to Biloxi , Mississippi for a little R and R , well lo and behold there was a fabric store that had theatrical material and there shining like a star was Red Velveteen.  So of course I had to purchase some and I bought enough for two.  A dear friend Carol Gee was on the same quest.  I made two when I got back and she had found the cutes baskets that we use for Red Riding Hood to carry. A perfect prop for our capes.  

So you are asking what in the world does Red riding hood and Santa Clause have in common?   Well, sometimes things happen in life and you need a change.  I thought I am going to make new stockings for Santa to fill.   Pat Winter's magazine had a wonderful pattern by Kathy Shaw and being as I have fallen in love with Crazy Quilting it just fit the bill.   The girl one is almost finished, just have to put a few charms on it and line it and back it.  This is where Red Riding Hood comes in.   I had left over fabric and what better way to back the new, 1/3 the size of the old, stocking?     I am not sure though of the guy stockings though, is this to girlie for them would Santa be embarresed to fill a guy stocking with beads on it?  I am still pondering this one.

The almost finished stocking.

The little angels are upside down here and I got the idea from one of the  photos in Pat's magazine.   



There you go, won't Santa be surprised Christmas Eve?  
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