Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nothing New Under the Sun

Hello and I am hoping you are enjoying fall wherever you are.   I do know that some of y'all are now going into Spring though, so happy Spring.  Y'all are fixin to go into the warm weather and we are possibly not looking forward to the cold, I know we are not but warm weather people is whoDH and I are.

Now this may be a bit heavy for me what I am fixin to write but it has been on my heart so here is my opinion,  did I ask for this you are saying?  Nope just a freebie from Annette. 

I have always heard the saying there is nothing new under the sun and I do believe that.  Oh there may be a new technique or little different spin on something be it art or fashion and in fact anything that comes to mind.   I do believe the main thing is to just do your own thing with whatever technique you learn and it will be yours.   AND always encourage each other in whatever endeavor you  try.   Isn't that what fellow artists do with each other or should be anyway.   What if a negative word would have been said to Mary Cassatt?  A wonderful pastel artist and she would not have created her work?   Maybe  she did have negative words but was a strong lady and said phooey on you I am going to do my own thing.  Well, don't know if they uses words like that then but could have. 

I guess what I am trying to say is Art is a personal thing and NO ONE has a right to say it is mine, you cannot do it like me.   Be it a subject or size or color or technique or anything.  It has already been done.   Yes I know about the copyrights but trust me as a professional photographer for 24 years I do know about copyrights.  This is another subject and I just don't want to waste my time about it.  I think it has been stated and stated about enough.   I don't believe any of us in the 21st century has discovered the wheel in the art world.   Now I took  lessons years ago,  in the 70's and yes the world still was working back then,  off of an artist.  Ben Konis what a teacher !!!!! He would always say that you can copy me all you want but it will never be a Ben Konis and that has always stuck with me.   In photography also you can copy an idea but it is your take on the idea not being a copy cat just playing and adding your touch.   Take Anne Geddes, what beautiful images of children she does create.  I can safely say she is secure enough in her world that she isn't afraid that someone will steal her ideas and copy anything she creates.   She probably takes it as flattery to her skill and art.

 I also feel that taking their ideas and going with it is highest form of flattery. That you think enough of the artist that you love their technique enough to go with it.  

I have been blessed to take off of some wonderful artists and teachers of art and they have been so secure in their world.  They teach us with their heart, not to make dollars but to share their knowledge.   I have purchased DVDs with lessons on them and when I do those or take a lesson on line I try to do exactly what they do to get the feel of what they are teaching and then go off my way to interpret what I feel with their teachings.   

I just took another class at Life Book with Tammy's crew and it was with Juliette Crane and her wonderful animals.   She doesn't mind you " copying " her to a tee or spinning off on your own.  Such a gracious lady and teaches with her heart.   Here is my animal totem  she said for us to do, an animal that speaks to us using her technique and background style.  It was truley a fun techinque and study to do.   I do hope you can tell it is a painted pony.    Thank you Juliette Crane.  I just took her technique and had fun with it.   

Painted Pony
I have been doing some sketching of faces, something I had done years ago and been rusty and now just having a blast with them.   Hummmmm I wonder if people have done pencil sketching of celebrities?  Bet so.  You saw my attempt of Condaleezza  Rice, OK pretty lady  will try you again.
I have tried Matthew McConahay and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (sigh).  Now calm your hearts down my dears, don't let it beat to hard.   Here they are

This is my take on these two heart throbs, maybe not perfect but I do see a couple of things to readjust but that will come.   LOL what am I saying ?  Several things to readjust but that gives me another excuse to draw them again.  SIGH .  You know sometimes it is a tough job sketching heart throb celebs. 
Sooooooooo a giant thanks to Zinnia, Mary Jane Chadborne, Pat Winter, Karen Bonaker, Marilyn Sholin, Nellie Wortman and all of you who have shared your hearts and let us spread our wings in the art world.   I know I have left some out but my fingers are tired.   I do promise not to mention this subject again.  Well the sketching and painting yes but the other NOPE no more.  Onward and upward.   
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. Loving your fabulous drawings Annette, you have so much talent in your fingertips on so many subjects. Love ya, Annette x

  2. Again I get to look at your "is it hot in here" art:)
    I have thought about everything you wrote about. I am preparing a class and the truth is you learn everything from somewhere. Between youtube, facebook, and art groups, you are bound to have learned it somewhere. I think the true creative mind, takes those techniques and ideas and makes them their own by putting them together in a different way. But think of this, you cannot ever really do the art or technique like anyone else. It is like a finger print and will always be uniquely yours. Plus a true art heart, wants to make something that they can call their own and then share what they know as nobody will ever do it like you. It then evolves into the next persons creations. So art grows and becomes and is always fresh. I have seen things online that look very much like some of my work. Should I be upset? Flattered? or how about I just keep creating!!! It is always a good art day.

    1. Got that ceiling fan on girl? Oh you put this so well and Yep just keep creating your beautiful work my dear. Oh congrats on the class, on line or in the reals? You are so right the art is yours and only yours. I knew you were a wise and strong person. hugs Nancy. xo

  3. Your are awesome and I am happy to call you Friend. ejm

  4. Love your drawings. This is something I have always wanted to do& I did try when I was younger but I decieded it was for others not me.
    We all learn from other people but I don't think you can ever get things the same as we all se thing differenly.We are coming into warmer weather I hope.

  5. Thank You Rayna, please keep drawing, practice practice, I know I hate that word also but it may just be one little thing off and then it will open up for you. Yes we all learn from other people as it should be and I agree we all see differently. Thanks again for posting and please keep drawing. Yea for warmer weather. xo

  6. I'm loving your soap box, and totally agree with you and one of your commenters. It's all about sharing and learning then doing for yourself, and repeating the process. Everyone has their own style and flair even though the process may be the same. I don't know what struck this post up, but its a good one. Love your sketches, and you've captured Mat's essence extremely well! I bet he'd love to have it. I'll ask him...oh, I wish!!! Lol!

    1. Hi Anita, glad you like the post and the sketches, if you find him free, well either one of them I will gladly hand deliver to them. SIGH. Have a good one and yep it is all about sharing and learning. xoxo

  7. I agree with you completely! You already know I love Johnny--but that little pony sure is cute!!

  8. You really can do it all my friend, just love the happiness of your personality springing out from the work inspired by Juliette Crane, and the eyes are always special...as they are in your portraits, both excellent ! As for being heartthrobs...you can keep them both ! Well, maybe Johnny ...... :-)))))) XO

  9. Your drawings are beautiful!
    And your pony is gorgeous:)
    Have a lovely day, hugs:)

  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to post such a terrific topic....and from the bottom of my heart for mentioning me, too! I have taken many classes from all sorts of teachers and the most honest ones will always tell you that we as artists always gather information and inspiration from others....that's what we do whether we realize it or not!! It is what we take from that that makes it our own...our own personal imprint that makes it unique...and forever ours! It has happened since the first caveman scratched a drawing on a cave wall for goodness sake...and is how it was intended to be, I am very sure! You are a very talented artist in your own right and you should be very proud of yourself...love you to pieces, my dear friend!
    Mary Jane xoxo

  11. Good works,Captain Sparrow is perfect!! I like everything!
    Have a good week!

  12. oh cute little donkey love what u did with this...

    hugz bev

  13. OMG Annette, this is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! The little donkey is the cutest thing in the world and your sketches of Mathew and Depp are amazing. Wow my friend you really out did yourself this time. Very very proud of you.


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