Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paper stumps and pencil

Alright I forgot to say welcome to October at the first of the month and I think it is paying my back.  It is "cold" for here right now.   I think the high is suppose to be 47 ish.  Come on Mother Nature it is early in the month for this cool snap, but next week back to the 80's so that will be good for a while.  So Welcome October and all you bring, the fall leaves, the crispness of the air, the making of good yummy soups and stews, candy corn and  Halloween at the end of the month.   I know I could go on about October but just flat forgot to welcome it in.   So  WELCOME OCTOBER.

We are all getting back into the swing of things after fall gets here, not that us being retired ever changes things.   We still look forward to the weekend and it's doings.  Why? Who knows but we know that when the weekend is here it is a different life.   I don't cook bacon and eggs like on the week day mornings and Eldon heats the Jimmy Dean breakfast thingies sometimes I eat one and sometimes I eat a bowl of cereal without milk.  Funny what age does to you with food, seems like  am now kind of allergic to milk, does that stop me from eating ice cream?  Well of course not.

At Roses on my Table, she is on my side bar and a fun place to explore and play with art I might add, Zinnia wanted us to draw someone that we have looked up to and not necessarily be a likeness but how our heart perceives them  .  I first did Condaleezza Rice, the only picture I could find of her is her wonderful smile.  Now open mouths and smiles are hard just pure hard but I went ahead and drew her.   She is a pillar of strength to me and a kind lady, I have always thought so.    I have not done this type of portrait in a while, a long while.  I use to take art lessons in the early  to late 70's off of Ben Konis.  What a wonderful artist and teacher, I don't know how many times I took off of him but several.  He used bright and brilliant colors and was patient and not.   He would teach the same way but until your head is ready to hear his words they just go in one ear and out the other.  A lot of what he taught helped me in my professional photograpy business of 24 years.    Now  I am back to art of all kinds.  So Ben Konis these are for you kind sir, looking down from heaven.

Here is Mz. Rice, doesn't look like her at all to me and I will try again.  I do hope it doesn't insult her in any way,  a chuckle here--- like she would ever see it.   Maybe a young  C.R.  ?  Could be, bet she was as strong then as she is now.
Now the next one I did was of Zinnia herself.   She also to me is strong and kind and leads us into different parts of art and teaches us to spread our wings in the world.    I try to make my portraits non real but sometimes they just pop out on the paper and I have no control over it.  Like the cute little fairey I did earlier with the wonderful thick eyelashes.   Man those were some eyelashes weren't they?
Any who here is Zinnia
Well thanks for coming to see what is going on in my world today.


  1. Annette, is there anything you CAN'T do? your portraits are wonderful!!

  2. great sketches Annette , sketching is such fun and relaxing...
    hugz bev

  3. Fabulous sketches...gorgeous eyes!

  4. oh Annette, I think these sketches are amazing! They look most delightful and I think Mz. Rice looks really good.

  5. Hi sweetie, your portraits are so wonderful, love them, you are so talented dear friend, I wish you a lovely and creative week.
    Hugs Anni

  6. You art work is fabulous! I can feel the "heart" You did an amazing job!!! Sending hugs and so glad you dropped by to see me! : )

  7. I think your sketches are wonderful -- I certainly couldn't do that!


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