Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September, CPFs and ATC

September is here, the feel of Fall/Autumn is in the air.   Now I wonder what makes Fall Fall and Autumn Autumn?   Not sure on this one I thought it was the same but possibly the part of the country you are in?   Don't know for sure but you can fell it in the air when we were mowing today.  I could count up how many more mowings we have til it freezes but then again that would be inviting Winter to come soon and it will just blow in one day and I will tell you well my friends Old Man Winter is here.   We will just whisper  that little tid bit of news then.  

As you know or not know I have finished up the classes in Artful Gathering and one was the Crazy Quilting class.  Oh me it has certainly gotten under my skin.   I remember when I use to sew wedding gowns and how peaceful the beading felt so I guess that is one thing I like about Crazy quilting besides using the CPFs   ( The creative pieces of fabric)  I do not call the little pieces scraps that sounds like something you might feed your fur baby.     Well the beading and the CPFs and gathering all the pretties and touching them and showing them to DH ( dear hubby).   You know, I don't think he gets as excited about them as I do, he does look at them and makes a comment about something.   He does like seeing the finished work though.  He will pick the piece up and look and look at it. 

I have just finished another little accessory purse, colors of exploration for me and hummmm wonder if I might branch out with the different colors?  Time will only tell.  I used my CPFs and some pieces of antique lace and just created.  The CQ doesn't do for me if I plan it out, I just let it create it's self.  

A quick glance of the Accessory Purse with SRE ( silk ribbon embroidery)  man I am full of letters today aren't I?   I feel like I have eaten a whole can of alphabet soup or something educational like that.    Oh be sure and click on the image and will get larger.   Magical isn't it?   I could go into the computer  jargon but I could tell you everything I know about computers in say-------- one minute? 

Close up of the end of the little purse, from this view almost looks like a ballerina toe shoe. 
Now I have been sort of on a vacation on the messy work as I call it, mixed media journaling and what all goes with that.   At Roses on my Table there is a group called ATC, now there you go Annette more letters.   I think these stand for Artist Trading Cards.  I joined it and made my first set of 6 cards and have mailed them off to Janet and then we trade and I get 6 back.   
What subject did I use?  Well the prompt is furry friends and we happen to have two furry friends built right into our family.   Of course I had to use  Jewel and Libby  and being as they sleep  A LOT  --  I thought why not do some of what I think they dream of ?    Now I know they dream you can see their feet moving or some muffled barks which sound really different is the word I will use.
Here they are and I did do some without them sleeping. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. oh i would love shoes like made for me how beautiful the purse is , love it...

    hugz bev

  2. Always love your blog posts, my friend....and that purse is absolutely stunning, love it to pieces!! I think I know what trade group I am going to participate in next time, for sure...love your ATC's, too!! Mary Jane xoxo

  3. Pretty-pretty!! and I love the white dots you added to the ATC's!!

  4. What a lovely purse. What is this other blog you referred to in your facebook post? Great stories, Annette.

  5. Thanks girls, it was fun to make as the ATC cards. I am trying to spread my wings. Flap flap can you hear them?

    Jane it is http://crazyquiltpassion.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.

  6. Oh Annette you are hilarious, when you are talking about your alphabet soup, love your wacky humor! The purse is wonderful and I love the rich colors, see I like color just deep rich color, lol. That is a beauty my friend and I can't wait to see what you are up to next. You should join the Tag Along Group and come play with me! Your ATC's are great and maybe I will get one, who knows, lol!! Zinnia is swapping in this next ATC Swap. She just finished in the Tag Along Group. Se ya at roses my friend, oh do I see a few red beads in that purse"?? Hope so, xoxo Marilou

  7. Dear Annette, this purse is soooo beautiful! I love the colors and you are so right when it comes to CQ....just let the Muse take you where she wants you to go. I also love your ATC's. I LOVE making ATC's and trading them. More fun than a person should have...LOL. You cracked me up about eating the alphabet soup!!

  8. Annette, your work is so beautiful. The colors, the details and all the labor of love, I can see you put into it... Like you, I am also smelling autumn. so excited.

  9. Annette, you really have some "pretties!" I just saw that you are following my blog, & I truly appreciate it; I am now following you as well!

  10. Wow Annette you purse is so wonderful and beautiful with all you embroideries, love your ATC's they are so sweet.
    Hugs Anni


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