Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love Fairy

I do love fairies, in my world they are here, flitting around spreading love and hope and good thoughts.  Kind of like miniature angels I suppose, possibly the angels helpers, they do have wings.  I can imagine them riding the dragonflies around when their little wings get tired.  OK this is a stretch but it could happen.  It could.  I do have a book though where they can be mischievous also.   So you know when children accidental do something they shouldn't do and blame an imaginary friend, possibly it is a fairy being mischievous. 

I am taking Life Book, lots of exercises in art techniques from several sharing artists.  I am totally caught up, oh guess that is a stretch.  How about only 22 lessons behind?  That is more like it but it lasts all year and I think if I can do two a week plus all my other fun interests I might can catch up.  If not, I think I will be alright.  Isn't it funny how we put pressures and dead lines on ourselves?  I do it all the time and then stop and think why am I doing this to myself anyway?   I am retired, I can play and goof off all I want and still be alright in the world.  

The week 31 I just finished is with Adriana Almanza, such cute big eyed girls and fairies.  Her teaching is priceless and she shares all with you.  I have been so lucky in every art adventure I have done this year, sharing teachers that come from the heart with what they create.  Our little fairy is suppose to be a Hope Fairy but I had thought how great all my teachers have been,  so I had to make her a Love Fairy. 

Here she is, now this gal has some eyelashes to die for.  One thing people don't tell you is when you get older?  The eyelashes get thinner as does the hair, so I like to do eyelashes and hair on my gals.  The lesson did have us do eyelashes like this so I love this technique.  I think all of  Adriana's gals have the eyes and lashes like she taught.  Pretty cute. 

  I used a new set of pens with this technique, we were suppose to use matt but I was lucky to find any of them, but all they had was gloss.   Deco Color pens, you have to prime them by shaking and then push the little point down a few times to get the ink to flow.  TRUST me it will flow, well not flow but just flat makes the red sea of ink.   After you clean that up and go on with your drawing with the pen, if you don't push down on it hard it works wonderfully.   I only have five colors but enough to get me into trouble with my other art supplies. 

Oh did you notice?  I figured out how to make links to websites?   I figured OK can't be to hard, so after a couple of attempts it is done.  TA DA  Sorry just had to share that also. 

Thanks for stopping in and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Oh the Beast of a Pillow is 75% finished, I can't wait for Pat and you to see it.  Just finished my garden spider and almost good to go.  One more Texas Ranger game and I should be ready to assemble it into a pillow.