Sunday, September 9, 2012

When Pigs Fly

I have heard the phrase when pigs fly and even seen some advertisements about them.  A cute little pig on the roof of a house equipped with wings.  Getting instructions on what to do with it's little beanie propeller  hat on.   It is pretty cute to see.  But have you ever seen a Buffalo fly?  I kid you not.  We did see one this morning.

I have shared with you that our fur babies protect us from the things at night that prowl around and the early morning predators like dragons disguised as trash trucks.  We have yet found a dragon in the yard.  Even the bunnies and gophers stay away.  

This morning, yes morning-me up in the morning about 7:30.   I don't think we should have to get ready to greet the world before 10 AM.  I mean the hair done and makeup on.    We heard Libby give a bark like she was going to tear a dragon up into a million pieces.  We both looked at each other and I thought well maybe DH  (dear hubby) put a cap on or something like that.  Something that startled Libby, well DH went outside and said come here Annette ---hurry.   Well I ran out and saw a balloon  in the sky, I kid you not.   This is not an everyday occurrence here, in Albuquerque New Mexico yes but not here.   I stood there like a goofess for a minute looking at it.   Like a pure tourist.  Then I  thought oh the camera.   The first one got away from us,  it was basically in our back yard air space but I captured some of the first one we saw floating away.  There were not many because I guess the wind, the wind that always blows here, was not doing it's job.  

This is part of our back yard-dragon free-that we woke up to this morning. Or I should say I woke up to, DH wakes up a lot earlier than me,myself and I. 

Here is one we saw, as you can see it was cloudy and the leaves on the trees are not at a 90 degree angle or the trees bending over.  Hence no wind.  

This was the last one we say, a ways off but still not very high. 

The first one that came over, gee I wish I hadn't been a tourist and just stood there and watched it.  It was literally in our yard air space. 

The Buffalo coming around  to the empty lot close by -lower and lower and lower.

A two headed Buffalo at that.  This was his home for a while and then he just deflated.   He is two houses over.  

Now not every day did the fur babies see this so as I said they were excited and neighbors were out in their yards and I could hear them all.  Not an everyday occurrence here, in fact you wouldn't even know anyone lived in the neighborhood during the day. 

I woke up this morning  thinking what am I going to blog about today?   I watched the Sunday morning show or some of it and taa daa the balloons.   Just had to share  with you.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


  1. Oh Annette, what a nice thing to wake up to. The balloons are so pretty and thank goodness you were able to take a few photos.

  2. Gorgeous pictures and a wonderful story to back it up! It would seem a surprising, yet delightful start to the day.

  3. Thanks for sharing,Annette...
    Plains capital bank???? Watch the European bank story -Greece,Spain,Italy,Ireland .....and take care!

  4. We get balloons over our way and love seeing them and do wonder if they will crash when they fly so low. But never seen a double headed buffalo that is so cooooooooooool. Annette x

  5. Wonderful post, Annette!! What a terrific thing to wake up to this morning and so close...practically right in your backyard!! We see them here in Las Vegas sometimes, but never that close...lucky you and Eldon!! xo

  6. Annette what a wonderful sight! can't start the day ay better than that.

  7. Wonderful photos, Annette, you're so lucky!
    Thanks for your nice comments in my blog :-) Many kisses!

  8. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY and this is the first time I have seen a Buffalo fly! Now I have lived.


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