Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will it stay on the Bed or Do we sleep on the floor?

We are still having the discussion of the BEAST.  Do we need sun glasses to view it, do we get a hoist to lift it because I put so many pretties on it, does it get it's own shrine when not on the bed during the day OR do we sleep on the floor while it stays on the bed?   You guessed it my friends, the PILLOW is finished.   It is done, just like a cake fresh out of the oven.   Well maybe after I look at it a few days I may  add more. 

I have been playing with this crazy quilt pillow and having fun doing it.   Now my friend Janet Ghio had a part in this creation and Pat Winter , Shannon and Kathy with their lace and goodies.  I cannot forget Geraldine and her flower buttons. 

Here it is in it's glory.  Eldon aka DH looked and looked at it for a long time and said it is very pretty .  To me that is the ultimate approval of DH.
I even got the sewing machine out into my art room so I could line the pillow  and put some batting on it and sew it all together.  The hard part was the trim, lace or fringe or what around the edges so I opted for lace.  Might as well girlie it up good. 
This was part of the little teaser I posted early in the week.  It may be one of my favorite parts. 

I had to add one of my  bead bees, that Pat taught us to make, to fly in the garden here and the spider that is a pretty blue.  Kind of reminds me of the blue eyes of Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.    The first time I saw that movie was with all three of our daughters and one of them said look mom is crying.  Yep when Charlotte went away I did.

Ciggie on this pillow- first I did some pretty birds, then a lady with a hat she was to small and now this gal got to hang around the garden flowers.  The bird got taken off but the lady with the hat is underneath.  I had gotten to far along to take it apart.  Sorry hat lady.   So to celebrate the winner  being the center of all this she got a necklace with a heart around her neck.

A lot going on in this picture and you know even though it is finished it still may not be, I may still add some goodies.  the bottom pretty lace was an aplique but I cut it apart to make a design that would fit my area and of course had to embelish it.  

Just had to use this beautiful butterfly it was a last minute addition and the buttons.  I have never used buttons before but Geraldine sent me some, the pink flower ones and just had to try.  I could go on and on of where I got all the lace and beads and pretties.  The other ones also came from Pat.  What would we do without that lady?  So patient with us all.


More lace and pretties, like I said it may weigh a million pounds.

Had to have a close up of the pretty flower with the humming bird, guess it is time for them to go south and flutter their little wings so fast.   I wonder how in the world they do it.  I never know if to put the feeders in so they will go south or make sure there is plenty so they can get their energy up. 

On the bed the pillow proudly sits.  Now the other pillows may be jealous and muttering to themselves what about me?  Why can't I be so pretty?  Well my pillows we will see what we can do so you will be pretty also.  Can't have a bed with ugly pillows. 

There you go the beast of a pillow now is finished and I have more projects to tackle.  Baseball is not over yet and this is when I do my beading.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.