Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I am doing a Crazy Quilt Pillow which I am naming the beast at the moment.   It is bigger than I thought and will be beautiful I think. Hence Beauty and the Beast all in one here.   DH says we will need sunglasses to view it, it will need it's own shrine when not decorating our bed, we will have to roll it off of the bed because I am making it so heavy and we will need a hoist to lift it off of the bed.  Who know we may even sleep on the floor so as not to disturb it in it's place of honor.    He was on a roll when I was showing it to him.  

I work on it nightly as the Texas Rangers play, so still have a few nights to go before the season is over. 

I thought I would give you a peek at what I am doing.   I am so excited to learn this art from from Pat Winter and it is so much of an Obsession.  

Here you go, as you can see I have a long way to go.  I guess I may add a lot to emblish but that is me. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. So far it is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see it finished. Your DH is funny....men just don't "get it" do they? Anyway, it's stunning. Just hope that it's not too heavy, I'd hate knowing you are sleeping on the floor! LOL

  2. Just drop dead gorgeous Annette is all I have to say! Love it. I know your Hubby is a sweetheart so in the words from Archie Bunkers wife, tell your sweet DHL to "stifle it" sweetie I'm not done yet. lol I'm sure is is just playing with you anyway. Hugs and enjoy the journey! Marilou

  3. Annette--I just love visiting your blog--I can just see you sleeping on the floor next to your bed, so that the enshrined pillow doesn't have to move!!

  4. wow this is already looking stunning Annette, loving your beautiful work. Annette x

  5. yep its looking beautiful already im sure u eat lots of carrots to be able to see this small , totally amazing...
    hugz bev

  6. Dear Annette, I am at awe by all your talents, you are one incredible lady ! This is so beautiful that I do believe you should sleep on the floor and leave this more comfortably on the bed :-) xx


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