Friday, March 30, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

Alright, we have two dogs and I am not one to tell you every little thing they do or even thinking about doing but just had to post on them a little.  So hang in there.  They are cute.

I have always heard this saying of Let Sleeping Dogs Lay and not sure why they say that.  I think means something other than dogs and not to bother them while asleep.  What do you think?  I mean a dog can be sound asleep and in two seconds running out to the back gate  ( we have an acre so they do have room to run )chasing dragons dressed as a trash truck or chasing a bird that had the ordasity to land in our back yard and then back to sleep instantly.  Nope don't think that pertains to dogs or as we call them Fur Babies. 

Our fur babies are basically outside dogs---UNLESS--it is to hot, to cold, the wind is blowing to much or raining and hailing.  Like our grandaughter says when the weather is perfect they are outside.  We have their matching dog houses with doggie heating pads for them, well just Jewel has the heating pad.   Our Libby has more hair than I have ever seen. We are talking tons of it.   We also have the tropical hideaway AKA the back garage where the tropical plants we have to over winter with heaters and lights.  When it is pretty cold they go back there with the tropical plants.  They have beds and heaters (usually 65-70 degrees) a baby monitor so I can here them if they have a problem and a smoke detector.  Those girls are set and when we give them a begging strip to put them to bed oh my goodness, I don't know what is in the begging strips but they nearly do flips for their tastey morsel.  Now when it is really really cold they are our house guests inside and are perfect young ladies.

Sweet Jewel and her doggie dreams.  You do wonder what they dream, chasing rabbits perhaps?  One day there was one in the backyard and oh my goodness the race was on. RUN BUNNY RUN.  The bunny safely made it out the back gate, a tiny hole dung out and he just fit.  Well now everytime they are out we can say find the rabbit and off the fur babies go. 

Now unless it is 80 degrees outside Miss Jewel gets under the covers.  We have to keep their beds unzipped and she just wiggles in and around.  Sometimes we just see a lump under the covers and we know Jewel is sacked in.  Pretty cute. 

Now sweet Libby has a little problem right now.  I thank Dee so much for the advise, she is a total doggie expert.    Hot spots we found out is a little skin problem older dogs get.  We purchased some clippers and I gave this baby a little hair cut on her side/tummy.  Not a professional job but she needed it done to medicate it.  Looking much better today and not red and ugly.  To keep a dog from scratching and licking is a tough job let me tell you.  The cone helps but she can contort her body around and still do a pretty good job of licking.   So her next alternative is scratching.  If you notice by the red arrow is her back foot.  She is sporting a non fashionable footie taped to her leg.  Believe it or not she hasn't tried to get the footie off.  Maybe she can't reach it because of the cone ?    She is so sweet and gentle and just bares with us treating her. 

Alright just had to talk about the fur babies a tad.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Some are in the works but that is for another day.   xoxoxox


  1. oh its lovely to see the girls again and poor Libby hope she gets rid of that hot spot soon so she can get rid of that collar thing lol

    hugz bev

  2. What a lovely post Annette, I was really having a chuckle...these fur babies are more babies than fur :-)) Miss Jewel under cover is just hilarious and so sweet, and hope Libby will recover soon. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. XOXO

  3. Love the photo of Miss Jewell! I always love to read your posts!!

  4. Thanks girls so glad you liked the post. I thought it has nothing to do with art but the fur babies are certainly a big part of our life. xo


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