Monday, March 19, 2012

Transformations of Many Kinds

Transformations, now besides being a odd word so many things happen with it.  To mind I think of the beautiful transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  So pretty they are and just flutter around and so delicate.  I have a saying somewhere that says the butterfly counts not months but moments and it has time time enough. 

Now  the transformers, a different story.  You know the ones that are a cute little car and then transform into a mechanical robot.   Certainly different  than the beautiful butterfly. 

Taking the RAIL class with Zinnia on Roses on My Table and the new class is transforming paper sacks into journal books.  Yep that is what I said you didn't read wrong.   I won't waste words here just photos are enough for the wonderful project.

Sari ribbon, look at the beautiful colors.  Scraps of silk, who would have thought ? 

The front of the book, I didn't know better I would sweat it is leather the way it feel after putting all the gobblie goop that I have on this paper sack.  It looks inviting doens't it?  Kind of old world. 

First set of pages with a couple of peek a boo pages. 

Here are the little pages opened with surprises and written secrets.

Second set of pages, bling and lace seemed like it called for this effect here.  Remember this is a paper bag book. 

Here is the butterfly I wrote about, couse the saying goes for all the little fluttering pretties. 

Even the butterfly page has a little secret message.

Birds called this page theirs but their is a secrect pocket and I wonder what it holds for them ?

A kitty,  oh oh watch out birdies.  

The back of the book.  Lots of texture and oh what fun to make.  I see more of these and different themes in the future. 

There you go, I know it was a lot of photos but just had to share with you.   So that is what is happening in my world for today.   I did fix it so you don't have to write out the secret words so you can comment.  Thanks Colleen.   See y'all next time.


  1. wow its all gorgeous Annette, loving the fab designs and those wonderful sari ribbons. Beautiful work, x

  2. Very cool! It does look like leather! looks like it was fun to make too!:O)

  3. This is so pretty and rich--I love all your textures and those sari ribbons are the most gorgeous colors and the music on your blog is perfect for looking at this book!!!

  4. ahhh made it finally lol been missing your posts , im naughty, love this u did a fab job and its so full of colour...

    hugz bev

  5. Wow this is amazing Annette, the cover of this book is so beautiful, very precious, you really have the hands of a fairy. Big hugs xoxo!

  6. Sumptuous! I love the intense colours. Thanks for sharing your blog with Strathmore Online workshop. I'm having so much fun checking out everyone's blogs.

  7. Hello there Annette, WOW what a great blog. Just love the book it's super..... Your work is stunning.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh Annette....this is stunning!! I love it!

  9. hola soy de
    visita mi blog que tienes un premio alli. besos deliab.-

  10. At last I've been able to add me how folower to your blog! For many weeks I could see my followers gadget :-SS

    Your art journal is superb!! I love every detail and colour!!

    Kiss from "Collages vintage" :-)

  11. Es una belleza mi querida amiga
    Como podemos transformar..Nuestra mente e imaginación es enorme
    Me encanta las combinaciones de colores con distintas texturas t vintage
    Felicitaciones por un bellisimo trabajo
    Gracias por tu cariñoso comentario en mi blog
    Besitos desde España


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