Friday, March 9, 2012

Quinacridone ?

I feel like we must always try something new.   I guess it keeps us from being boring ?   It could be new food that we have never eaten before.  I have tried some different foods and thought OK been there done that.  New recipes I have some control over, well after I redo them to our taste, but sometimes you just have to jump out there and try new things.   We did the race car adventure and that was awesome but there is so much out there to try.  I rode an Ultralight little thingy once in Mexico.   Like a go kart with wings.  That was a blast, our daughter said did you see that idiot out there over the water in that thing?  I said smiling, I was that idiot.  It felt like you were flying and I figured the driver of it didn't want to die either and if he did guess it was my time to go. 

Oh I could go on but you get the message, we just have to do it and not be boring.  Whatever it is at the time.   I think even just enjoying that outside and the noises that Spring brings to us, well besides the howling wind and the sand blasting our faces.  That my friends is NOT new for us. 

Zinnia on Roses on my Table is teaching a wonderful class on her RAIL classroom, as I call it.  Trying new things, so this is my first photo of what we are making.  We are doing so many techniques and here is what I did so far. 

Lots of textures but the new thing is the color of Golden Acrylics-Quinacridone/Nickle Azo Gold.  That is a mouthful to say but the color is awesome. It is so rich and warm.   The blues are just blues and greens.

These go in a journal we are making, can't wait for you to see what it is morphing into.   Just something new that I have never tried. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. I love that color--did you know there are other Golden quinacridone colors? Now you need to try them too!!

  2. I couldn't agree more Annette, we need to keep going , try new stuff, evolve all the time, not just in order not to be boring but also not to be bored. And what could be more enthusiasting ( I know something is wrong with the spelling, but what?? ) than learning/doing new stuff all the time! This new class of your looks very interesting and the creativity you display is so great. Have a nice weekend! xoxox

  3. Hi Annette, Just followed on your other blog too so now I'm on both. Love those colors. I'm playing more with colors now too, but not yet retired. I work as a missionary artist in Ukraine. I teach art to students and fun.

    Blessings on your day,


    PS -BTW, did you know you can remove that word verification thingy and get more comments. I did it years ago and have never had a problem. Have to go into your blogger settings somewhere.


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