Monday, March 26, 2012

March Pages-done and done

Here it is winding down with March.  I kid you not these months are just whizzing by faster that you can imagine.   I know Crocodile Dundee had a saying but it escapes me at the moment.   Saint Pattie's day has come and gone and Daylight savings time has attacked us until October so can't say it has been an exciting month as months go.  Spring did spring into action and I do think they weathermen were correct that we will have a warm winter.   Everything is blooming and getting pretty.  Now I hope y'all remember that sometimes Mother Nature does spring a quick cold spell and freezes everything before Easter.  So I never plant anything flowerish until after Easter . ( I know flowerish is not a word -spell check really hollered at me on this one.  )  There you go my weather and event calendar of March.  

Here are my two art journal pages for March.  On Roses on my Table Zinnia gives us little prompts so I got carried away this month and did two.   The message was  "Breathe, Relax and Let Go !!!

Now this first one, don't you like the original wording I did ? I have seen the outlined people on some pages so just thought I would try it and even used a new Love stamp the post office came out with.  I am a sucker for new stamps and their designs.  Nope this one was not used, it was brand spanking new so had to use it.   

This one about kind of traveling is my other set of pages for the same prompt.  Now this is how we like to relax and let go.  Just wake up one morning and say ( now that we have two pups)  wonder if our dog sitter can watch the babies?  We find out and then off we go, clothes a flying and into the hang up bags with no earthly idea of where we are going....we back out of the drive way and say   Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary and then WHERE ARE WE GOING ?   Once and only once did we blast off, spent the night and then change our minds.  We came back home and repacked and went south.  The weather or what changed your mind do you say?  Well, short story-we went to Ruidoso and stayed at the Inn of the Mountain Gods,  absolutely beautiful and restful.  Now unfortuantely they have a casino there and we forced ourselves to partake of their games.  After getting whipped soundly we thought Vegas could do without us, came home regrouped and then went to Texas beach.  Whew that almost made me tired thinking about that trip. 

Anyway here is my little set of pages on What's down the Road? I titled that one, not to original but it does go with the relax and let go.     I had some pics I had cut out and thought this will work for the prompt and old atlas that had gone way past it's prime.   You know we have the navagation thingie in our car but there is something about touching a map and wondering what if we took this road or that road.  Our navagation system yells at you  that we have missed the turn or going the wrong way.  Does she not know there are more than one way to skin a cat ?  Sorry kitties that is just a saying, we do not practice skinning cats.  You kitties are just to soft and cuddlie and certainy have a mind of your own.  Whoops that is a whole different story.    

There you go now you know what has been happening in my world today and thanks for stopping by .   xoxox


  1. My dear friend , you made another two wonderful works of yours, both of them make me think of 'freedom' in two different ways...I wouldn't be able to say which one I like better, because I like both! You are so right Annette about the weather. We are having a kind of summer like weather...almost too much of a good thing, and everything blooms at the same time, when normally there is a sequence ....beautiful to see, but a bit weird :-)) xoxo

  2. Love your girl with the balloons--just floating along!!

  3. Both sets of pages are terrific and loving the concept of the first one. Annette x


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