Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instead of No Joke it is No Sewing

Spring is here, well almost, and you get to thinking about what you are going to do in the yard and set some plans into motion.  I am a list maker, so I make a list and of course usually misplace it.  BUT when I find it we have usually accomplished everything I have written down on the list.   It feels so good to mark it off like~hey something is accomplished.   Now don't laugh to hard at this but when we go to the grocery store I do have a list, if not we get so carried away and things just jump into our basket by themselves or some little mischievous fairy just pops maybe ice cream  (yum) that we don't need or something like that into our basket.   If we buy something not on the list my pen gets busy and writes it down on the list.  No really, I do that and then can mark it off.  Have to get my kicks somewhere out of buying groceries. 

Now talking about kicks----
I use to sew, for our daughters, for clients and even made wedding gowns and designed them.  Loved it and thought I am a dyed in the wool seamstress and would never glue anything.  Remember now~never say never-  Well,  I am a member of the Gilded Stash Society and we get goodies once a month, they are so pretty and I hate to use them. ( now these are purchased)  Do you ever do that?  I bet never. 

Usually once a month they give an instruction of using some of the pretty things and for the month of February they gave us the class from Christy Tomlinson about valentines.  Well,  to make a long story short, I don't want to wear your eyes out here, one part of the instructions was gluing a pillow.  I thought, no way Jose would I ever do that.  After three, yes three pillows made now I am so totally hooked on it.   Of course I used several of their pretties here.

Here is the glued pillow, yep not a sewing needle one has touched this.  I made the rose out of silk and the pin is a ring I found at a store and just cut it apart .  One of the crochet pieces is from a friend and the rest I had.  

I have a link for the Gilded Stash Society, they have beautiful pretties. 

Thanks for popping into my world today and will have more later.  XO


  1. Love the pillow. It's beautiful!

  2. OMG Annette--this is drop dead gorgeous and what pray tell is the Gilded Stash Society and how does one belong--you didn't give a link!! I laughed out loud when I read that if you buy something extra at the grocery, you write it down, so you can cross it off. Too funny!! It feels like Texas here in Missouri today--it's only March, and it was 80!!

    1. Hi Janet, will post a link to the GSS, I asked them what the best one would be, coming soon. : ) Yes I cross off after I write down, hubby just grins and goes with it. He is just so patient with me. Very lucky. xo

  3. My dear Anette, you are not alone in the grocery store with a list, I have it all the time, otherwise I don't remember what I need :-) But I didn't know that you could just glue a hem?? thought they were always sewn...but your pillow is incredible,really beautiful, specially I think it must have been quite difficult to make the rose, adorable work Annette. Have a nice day my friend.

  4. Anette, your pillow is gorgeous! I am a member of the Gilded Girls and tend to save the supplies too because they seem to beautiful to use. I made the Valentine Candy Box but haven't made the bracelet, glittered Eiffel Tower or painting yet. I'm hoping to make the pillow this weekend. It's on my list of things to make, which is way longer than my grocery list. ;)

  5. Hi Annette, visiting from our Strathmore class. The heart above is just lovely. I glue hearts too. I'm following on your blog now. Hope you'll follow on mine as well. You can see it here: www.vintageterrace2.blogspot.com

    an American in Ukraine


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