Monday, April 2, 2012

Rubber Bands

Now a rubber band seem like such an innocent little invention.  The rubber band has a multitude of tasks and jobs and depends into whose hands it lands in.  Don't you agree?

Several years ago when our grandchildren were young, very young we would take them to the farm to drive.  They would drive round and round basically in a circle, a very large circle but still a circle.  We farmed square sections on the farm but the circle systems made the circles.  They watered the cotton and peanuts  or whatever crop we had planted but usually cotton and peanuts and the systems went round and round and thus forming the giant circles.  If you are ever up in an airplane and look down and see green circles on the landscape I can safely say they are circle systems working tirelessly watering the crop.     Now when the princess drove she would put the rubber bands on the shift leaver and said that is where they are suppose to go and to this day that is where rubber bands go, they wiggle and jiggle and proudly have a place of honor.  

Now once we got some new furniture and the cushions were held on, while they delivered it, with some 4 foot rubber bands.  Now those were some awesome size rubber bands.  I had a couple of High School senior young men at the studio that day that I was photographing  and I gave them the rubber bands.   Oh what a treat they thought they had, now I don't know what they did with them at school but heard later they got taken away from them and the young men got into trouble.   See what I mean?  It just depends on who has the rubber bands and what they do with them.  Of course putting a piece of wadded up paper in a rubber band and making the paper fly across a classroom wouldn't ever get anyone in trouble, only if the teacher saw it I suppose. Not that I would ever do anything like that. 

But you can also use the lowly rubber band to make art.   Yes and it preforms so well and you don't get into trouble using it that way.  No teacher to have you write 500 times I will not shoot paper wads in class.  It just makes marks and designs.

I have glued these rubber bands down with E 6000 glue on some foam core in different configerations, no rhyme or reason and as you can tell I have used it for several different projects.   It has held up quite well.   Traci Bautista is the one who shared this with us in an online class with Strathmore. 

Here is some of the design it made.  I used some watercolor paper and has several layers of paint and then the rubber band stamp and then the squares are made with carpet cushion.  The kind you put under the carpet rug so it won't slip and slid around.  She didn't mention this but I bet she would have shared this with us also.  I just discovered this in the basesment and thought   A PRIZE !!!! 

There you go, who would have thought a mere rubber band would have gotten to be a headline in my world ?   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xoxox

Oh, Happy April.     April showers bring May flowers.  Or so they saying goes anyway.   xo


  1. I just love reading your blog Annette!! And I'm sure you wouldn't have done anything bad with those rubber bands at school!!

    1. Thanks Janet, so glad you enjoy coming by my part of cyber world. Me? Do something bad with a rubber band? xoxo

  2. Who would have thought that rubber bands could be artistic .....too :-)) Your fantasy and creativity has no limits, and I love that! Keep going my friend! XOXO

  3. Love playing with rubber bands they are fab for journal pages. x

  4. Now i have Al Jolson singing April Showers in my head lol off to ceramics today ...

    hugz bev

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my Collage. I like your rubber band idea so cool!!!

  6. I have never before read a post about a humble rubber band so you get the honor of being first. :) That was a fun read!

  7. You are always full of surprises. Goodness...rubber bands? Who woulda thunk you could blog about rubber bands? Awesome, Annette!


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