Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time and the Frog

OK, can you believe the Month of June is almost positively gone ?  I mean it is the 30th of June.  I know that before we know it Christmas will be here.  Now they say, whoever they is, that time flys when you are having a good time.  We must be having a major party everyday then.   Not to mention the wind blowing all the time but guess that has nothing to do with time does it? Sorry, sometimes I kind of wander, sort of like the tumbleweeds do when the wind blows. 

I was mowing today and our two fur babies, Jewel, the matriarch and Libby the youngster of the duo, were digging frogs.  Even in this dry weather and heat of  over 100, we have frogs.  Now they  don't come out voluntary but I saw the fur babies  really busy in the yard.    So nothing doing I had to stop the mower, get off of it and go into the house to get the camera.  I was hoping all the way, please don't stop doing your thing little fur babies.   Well lo and behold they didn't let me down.

Now when there is a rabbit in the yard there is a LOT of action but the frogs it is mostly digging, following and then just ignoring them. 

      Hello to Jewel, we think she is nine and oh such a good little digger.

We have several holes like this and have to fill them up every once in a while, well more so than that.  Miss Jewel will sit forever at the holes and I guess she smells them out, don't know how she knows where to dig.  But dig she does. 

Thought you might like a close up of the hole. 

Now once the frog pops out Libby, who we think is about 6 or 7, is there at attention.  She usually lets Jewel do the digging while Libby's fluffy tail just wigs and wags watching intently.

Now this is not for the faint of heart , but she isn't eating it.  She grabs it ever so tenderly and then spits it out and shakes her head.    This little game goes on for a while and then they get bored with it and the frog hops off going to his party or whatever he does underground.   Today was a bonus, they dug up two of them. 

I know you are thinking is that all Annette has got to do on a hot summer day?  Probably not but just had to share on the last day of June.   I do have some art stuff to share in a day or so.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in Annette's world. 


  1. Annette what a great photo series, I laughed out loud imagining these two 'fur babies' just sitting at the whole for hours waiting for the frog to come out. Animals are such fun, and I think it is a day very well spent observing nature. I'm glad they don't eat the frogs though. Big hugs to you Annette, great gal .

  2. Hi Annette, such a great photo series and fun. Happy 1st of July to you and enjoy the weekend, Annette x


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