Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pans ?

Hello there and Happy June.  Where does the time go ? They say, whoever they are, that time goes by quickly when you are having a good time.  I must be having the party of a lifetime here.  Come join me. 

Now this thing about pans.   You know there are cooking pans of all sizes and shapes and oil pans under your car just to name a couple   I have a nice collection of pans to cook with and I am sure our Steel stalion (aka automobile) has an oil pan.  Funny I use to help hubby work on cars and could help tear into pistons and all the goings on of an auto, but now days when you open a hood it is all  full of stuff. 

Back to the subject here Annette.  I have discovered, not a country or anything like that but something called Pan Pastels.  Man those are the best things since sliced bread, I kid you not.  I have, I could safely say hundred of soft and hard pastels.  They do make dust and dry your hands out but just feels good like a first grader playing with colors.   I drug them out and straightened the up from their 25 plus years of vacation.  When seeing about the Pan Pastels I thought nope I don't need them, until I saw them in action.  The company has their own website about them and Christy Tomlinson of Scarlet Lime showed their wonders and magic on a journaling class I am taking   "She had three hearts."  I have to get these.   So I went online, my favorite source nowdays and of course Dick Blick has them on sale.  Yep a SALE !!!  So I figured out which set I "needed" and even got the tools and sponges in the kit  for $64 and bought seperately a little plastic case for a whole $8 plus change.   People I am in hog heaven. 

Here you go the Pan Pastels, the case and applicators.  Mana from heaven to me.  The sponges, applicators and all the colors.  There are 80 colors in all  but figure I can get into trouble with 20.

Now the main question is----do I leave them pretty like this or just mess them up and use them ?   Zinnia, on another forum says we need to use our supplies.  So use them I will use them and post something that I do with them soon. 

There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  


  1. he he nothing like art supplies to bring out the kid in us lol have fun and dig in...

    hugz bev

  2. I wouldn't mind getting my fingers into these colors!! Enjoy Annette! Big hug

  3. Thanks Bev and Jane, they feel soooooooo smooth when you play with them. They have a website and shows you a lot of things they can do. thanks for posting here, you know how we love them. Hugs

  4. Wow! I can't wait to see your first project. Enjoy those pan pastels and I'll be looking at that website!


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