Monday, June 20, 2011

Pink and Fords

Fords, what a concept that Henry Ford came up with and now look at us.  Driving these motor cars everywhere and at a higher speed than , what 20 mph, that they drove back in Henry's day?  Open aired and your hair probably all over everywhere, that could be a modern day convertible  today but back then not so.  Can you imagine the thrill of riding in one of the olden  open aired cars?  

Now I remember riding in a black something, like in 1949 or so.  It had some kind of tar paper or something on the roof and really made a mess of your fingernails.  Of course I know we probably shouldn't have scraped  the roofs  but being a young girl it was just to tempting.  The back seats were giant and had so much room.   I remember riding in a back seat and going up a hill and looking out the front window thinking oh no, where is the road ?    I was thinking we are going to fall off the face of the earth, guess like Christopher Columbus felt.   Funny thinking about that now, we were just on top of a hill and I couldn't see the road from my birds eye view. 

So how is this story tying in with my painting ?   Well after you look at it, guess.  

When I was looking at the painting, of course it has a Ford in the background.  This is on my web site  and my side bar here but just had to tell you about it.  This little sweetie lives in Orange County California.   You just want to give her a big hug.   

It is funny how something will trigger your memory?

This was done in Corel's Painter,  it is a digital program and a 21st century painting media.   I do really like it, you can add your own colors and just paint to your heart's desire.  Just like in traditional  painting you may use your own colors, strokes, ideas and inspiration.   Now I have said before I don't use a filter to do these just what comes out from my mind to my fingers.  I mainly did this painting in pastels.    I thought you might like to see the before and after of this painting.   

I am still doing traditional painting and just combining all that I have learned new with what I know of traditional methods.  Just a fun adventure.

There you go my Ford and Pink story.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  I have a fun surprise in the works for you.  Also a combination of what is going on out there in the art world.   See you later and hugs.


  1. this is gorgeous love her and u do children so well, u know im just thinking its at least 12 mths since i opened Painter program , will i remember how to use it , hope so but at the moment am flying in a new direction not saying its the right one but compelled to do so , wish i was tempted because i worry i will forget all i learned and paid for in classes lol well that was a little rant lol
    hugz bev

  2. Brava Annette,fantastic children,you very good!

  3. This painting is so stunning Annette, sweet and full of light. It is true that anything can tricker a memory of something long forgot, and I find that getting older..... there are so many more memories that are trickered all the time:-)
    I have a thing with smells and music...they really put my memory into action....Big hug

  4. This is so beautiful Annette, so clever.

  5. Oh bev you need to do a digi painting every once in a while you were so good at it.

    thanks Franz you are always so encouraging.

    I will certainly take the big hug Jane,thanks for popping in.

    Netty, thank my namesake, I certainly am enjoying just playing. Love your blog BTW.

  6. Beautiful display of intense feelings...memory's, action,beautiful result!!
    Greetings from Gent,Willy


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