Friday, June 24, 2011

Small White Donuts opend a Great Adventure

You are always taught to share, starting young in your life.  Share your toys, your crayons and just share.  Well, even after all my years, we won't say how many, but more than 20 years.  Eldon and I were at a Lodge a couple of weeks back.  We went into the breakfast room and a lady was looking at the little white wonderful donuts that come 6 to a package.  I said you know I like the donuts to but 6 are to many, would you like to share a package with me.  So we shared donuts and got to know two great couples from Colorado. 

One of the ladies did a lot with genealogy and I had told her some of my givings, like not being able to find out a lot about my family, even the Salvation Army, years ago could not find out much.  Well, by that afternoon this sweet angel had discovered that I came over to the United States on the USS Washington.  How excited I was. That was some Annette history. 

Eldon has just joined , how exciting to find out I was not hatched and there is proof that I came over on a fine Battleship.   Now if I hadn't shared a package of little white donuts with this lady I would never have know this.  I had thought that I came over on the Q.E. but it was my daddy that came back from the war on her and not I.  Funny how things fall into place.  I have always believed there are never accidents, that everything happens for a reason.  We may not like it happening but it does happen and we may or may not know why.   Kind of like when you meet someone, either for the reals or on Internet, they have crossed your life's path for some reason.

The USS WASHINGTON---this is a USN photo courtesy of Pieter Bakals
Now is that not a SHIP?     The larger turrets are 16 inches, in my book that is big.  She was one of the first ships to have radar.  Admiral Harold R.Stark, commander of Naval Forces, Europe flew his flag over her as well as  Rear Admiral Willis A. " Ching" Lee, Jr.  and Admiral Pete  Mitscher.   Vice Admiral Frederick C.  Sherman was in overall command in 1945.  ( I hope I didn't leave anyone out )

She went to Southampton, England where , I am almost positive, a cute little brown headed prissy girl  boarded the USS WASHINGTON with her mother and 7 month old brother.  I came across on March 1946.  The ship also carried our troops and I am sure they were on board as  the same time we were.   It is to bad I wasn't old enough to remember all this fantastic adventure. 

This was a commemorative post card  for the USS WASHINGTON, courtsey of Robert M.Cieri

There you go , a little history lesson I suppose.  There was so much information on the battleship but  remember I am not a historian, but did want to share this with you.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  You just never know.


  1. this is fantastic , thats the year i was born , how exciting for u to find all this out via a little lady and a donut , and to boot Eldon has a new interest , fabulous stuff ....and what a grand ship....

    hugz bev

  2. Wow , what a great story, it must have been really awesome for you to "find your roots". Life is so never know what is around the corner.
    I don't think everybody learned the lesson about sharing things...probably miss out on a lot of things :-)
    Have a great weekend Annette

  3. Very cool, Annette. Those must have been the best donuts you ever ate!

  4. Hi Lynn, hope this one comes thru for ya xooxoxxo


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