Monday, May 30, 2011

Song of the Sunflower

I remember when we bought a farm, close to our other farms, that it had sunflowers.  Lots and lots of sunflowers.  These were not the big pretty ones you see in a field and in flower arrangements.  They were little pest  cousins of the big flamboyant ones.  They hogged all the water and just flat got in the way.  We had them hoed down, the real arm swinging chopping down type of hoeing.   Then we used-gasp-chemicals
 It was WAR !!!  They were stealing the moisture from our cotton and peanuts, our lively hood.  After a good lengthy and costly  battle we won.  At least for the time being.   Now we have sold the farms and do hope the new owners are continuing the battle of the sunflowers.  

When hubby and I are driving around and see how pretty the little pest ones look on the side of the road, we both say I hope they don't lose control of them.  

Now here I am painting them.  Not the pests but the big flamboyant ones.  They are so pretty.  I have done several paintings of them and enjoyed them all.   This painting is done for the Open Studio class with Karen Bonaker.  She shows us differnt techniques and just to let ourselves go and play.  So play I did.  Getting back into the swing of digital painting.   This is certainly not done with a click of a button either.  Lets see a button do this.  Guess that could be a challenge of the buttons?  Kind of like the sunflowers I suppose.

                                              Here you go the Sunflower's Song

  Well, actually it is the music from The Stars and Stripes Forever  but just thought the notes were pretty.    Sort of a watercolor and paint combined.  

May is coming to an end.  I cannot believe how quick the months just fly by.   The wind is still blowing quite hefty.  Now we are talking 30 to 50 mile an hour winds.  Some years it just blows forever, then when you think you can't stand it anymore it quits.  No rain though since October.  We'll see what June brings to us. 

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  1. A beautiful music of colors!! Great idea. Can't believe you haven't had rain since october!! xx


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