Sunday, May 8, 2011

Warning Will Robinson-this is not good for you

We have been gone for a while and have returned rested and ready to tackle the world again.  sometimes you just have to do that. For our birthdays, Anniversays, and holiday gift doings we just back out the drive and tell each other Happy everything.  Sometimes even not knowing where we are going.  Our trusty steed, aka our automobile, and map in hand.  

 I have a few posts to do to catch up and some are about our little trip.   Some of the titles will be Lark Art and Cardboard, Wood and Batteries.   Now that one will be a fun on for you I hope,  it was certainly fun to watch.  

Where did we go you may ask ?  To  Sedona,Arizona, it was snowing and sleeting around Albuquerque, New Mexico. On the way to Arizona for us, being as we live in Texas.    Now this is the first of May and this Texas gal is not use to weather like this in May.  What is Mother Nature trying to tell us ?  Hope she isn't just clearing her throat, with all the floods, tornadoes and fires that have been happening.

There use to be a TV series called Lost In Space.   I hope some remember it, a family stranded in space and they had this giant robot.  Everytime Will Robinson, the son, would get into trouble or there was danger around he would say Warning or Danger Will Robinson.  So this is a little warning to what is coming in the next few pictures.   The pictures may not be good for your health.  I think calories just wander in the air and jump on any unsuspecting soul.  Sooooooooo  Warning !!

Eldon's birthday is April 30,  time does fly by when you are having fun.  So I am thinking what kind of cake can I make him that won't kill us, you know like a good giant yummy chocolate cake that you have to eat ever bite of it and every single crumb.  I mean it would be ashame to let any of it go to waste and I am sure the neighbors are tired of me sharing goodies with them.  The last time I brought something over the husband said oh no, we are on diets.   So that in mind, I made a Pinapple Upside Down Cake.  One layer of goodness and probably no calories at all.   Right ?   This is one of his favorite cakes.  We went to the store to get the goodies to make it and lo and behold there was this cute little pan for Pinapple Upside Down Cakes.  Now I know I can make it without the pan but it was there on the shelf lonely.  Several big bundt pans around it so off it went home with us. 

One of the views of the cake.  It is pretty delicious, even if I say so myself.

Just a little close up, just incase you couldn't see it really good.  Mean aren't I ?  I think you can smell the pineapple and the brownsugar.

Here you go a birds eye view of the Pinapple Upside Down Cake.   Happy Birthday Eldon.   the recipe ?  I would be glad to share it if anyone would like it.

There you go, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  


  1. Happy birthday dear Eldon and sending hugz as i usually do via our lovely Annette hope u had the best day and know u would have loved the cake , a little faerie , they talk to me u know lol told me its your fav

    love and hugz from your mate in OZ

  2. Oh My, but does that look de-lish! Beautifully photographed. You have a B-day also, don't you? I'm wishing you a most happy, happy day. So glad you are posting again! Hugs!

  3. Oh YUM! I would cheat on my sugar diet for this. Happy Birthday to You and Eldon. This is exactly what Larry and I do for our celebrations. Take off, wherever we want to go at the moment and just relax, discover and enjoy.

    In case you did not see it Dancing with the Stars had Priscilla on playing and singing the "Dream" while a young ballerina danced. It was wonderful.

    Welcome back again dear friend and a veryhappy birthday.

    So glad to see Bev here! Hugs, Kathy


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