Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cardboard, Wood and Batteries

Several years ago hubby, of now 50 years, and I took one of our "trips".  These are the kind that when we back out of the driveway we really are not sure where we will go.  This trip we wandered some in Oregon.  Just a tiny ways from Texas.  We were surprised how different the East side was than what we thought.  We thought all of it was lush and green, not so for the East side, or at least the part we saw.  Along one of the highways were rows and rows of trees, planted close and reminded me of corn  and how close they plant it.  We just couldn't imagine planting trees that close and why.   Well, our question was answered at the next stop, besides buying gasoline you have to buy "junk"  you know the kind that is bad for you.  We do off set it though with a Sprite Zero so it all kind of balances out in the scheme of things.   The trees were Popular trees and planted for harvest, I am thinking they said every seven years.  And what do they do with the trees you ask?  They make cardboard.  I haven't ever really thought of where cardboard came from but then I don't think it really cares if I knew. 

So how does this tie in with my story?  Well, do you think that possibly the cardboard used in these ROBOTS came from Oregon?     

Yep you read correct.  ROBOTS    We met this sweet young lady at Thanksgiving and she told us that in her class they were going to build robots.  Now that certainly sparked my ears up.   ROBOTS?   Sounded like a wonderful thing to go watch to me.   

It seems that this college in a nearby town has two campus locations.  One in Levelland and one here in Lubbock.  They compete in the making of the robots and then have a little battle so to speak.   Well here we were, reminded me of the Romans watching Gladiators fighting it out.  There was even one that had a wicked looking blade on it like in Ben Hur with Charleston Heston.  The one scene with the chariot race?

The students built their robots out of cardboard, wooden frame and batteries and drills.  All had  turning, whacking and one had a thumping type  weapon.   They had to get in the corners and then come out fighting.  Each team had a 10 minute time out, to repair or get their little robots together again and they had to keep moving around on the floor.  Here goes the pics. 

Calli and Tri, robot builders extraordinaire.  They were ready for battle.  The workings of Rocky.   They all had to have names.  There was a photo of Rocky Balboa on the top of this robot.  Check out the batteries, the strapping, the drill ran the wheels.  

The time out, both creators had to help their robots along, just a little.

The battle, sadly Rocky lost, his remote control burned up.  Please excuse the reflections, there was a protective plastic to keep the flying pieces from hitting us.  

This was the first set of robots to battle.  Under Cut lost, but certainly put up a good battle.

Can't remember the names of these but the square one got a pretty good beating and quit running, maybe inch or two but not enough to keep in the race.  They had to move and the moving parts had to move, the students got the grade and the rest was fun. 

This stream lined robot was the winner for the year and gets to be proudly on display until the next round of wars.  He was pretty low to the ground and certainly streamed lined.   I think those were flames painted on the side.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing about it.   Thanks for seeing what is going on in my world at the moment. 

Oh don't forget to click on the photos that makes them larger.  Probably the whole world knows that but me.  


  1. Thank you for visiting me and introducing yourself Annette.
    We used to have a programme about these robots in England where they went into the arena to fight it out. Its amazing the amount of work and skills go into these fabulous robots. Annette

  2. Now, this was definitely an unexpected story. I'm chuckling...sitting in my hotel room in Liberty, Missouri, on my way to Louisiana...Bravo!

  3. thanks Netty, so enjoyed your site. We could be cousins you know. :)
    Jane, glad you liked it. Thought it would surprise some. Have fun in your class.
    Hugs Annette

  4. Hi Annette, that was a fun post, and such great creativity from those youngsters. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  5. Thank you for stopping by! I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment...I read each and everyone of them. I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Take care. Nelson Souzza :)


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