Friday, May 13, 2011

Lark Art and Smiles on a Plate

I am still playing with the pictures we took of our Sedona, Arizona trip.  I don't take as many of Sedona as I use to, not because we like it less but sometimes I just flat get lazy about photo taking.  I mean it really wears you out to push the little button and snap you have a picture and we were on vacation you remember.   Not really, but sometimes I do get lax on taking them.  I guess all of the years of doing it I suppose.  

Now you will have to excuse this next picture.  It is a camera that hides in my purse.  It is not much of a camera and every time I use it I think- throw this thing away.  Then I put in my purse again and it just hides thinking --WHEW !!!  I missed the trash one more time.  I won't mention the make but think it is really going to the trash this time.  Had a great "purse" camera but after two days, on a bench, outside and sitting under a sprinkler systen for two days just didn't want to work again.  I mean it was good, Eldon took it to Brazil and all it just kept perking along before the bench sprinkler incident.  

When were were in Sedona, enjoying the beautiful scenery, we forget about all the art galleries.  So this trip we played sort of tourist and went to some galleries.  One in particular was Lark Art.  One talented ladie's work is hanging there and that was a goal to check it out.  Now the name of the gallery is Lark Art.  Loved the name and has some of the most unusual animal paintings and art work I have ever seen.   No here I am with the owner, who was so kind to pose with me.  Oh, I am the one on the left, I know you thought I was taller, but nope no such luck.  One good thing is I am not shrinking so here I am in all my 5'1".   The painting is one of Elizabeth Nelson's.  The paper painting lady.  I purchased one of her DVD's, so well put together, and just am having a good time doing her style of painting.  

Elizabeth's painting is so colorful and the pictures just don't do it justice.  We got to view several of them that were on display there.  Felt like it was such a treat to see them in the reals.    

  Here you go, the Rooster of Elizabeth's.   I just thought it needed to stand out and we are just the adjectives in the picture.  Like the  "thes" and "ors".  

On another note :

Coming back we did stop at a Johnny Rockets to eat and when your order comes out they have this cute little plate on your order.  Just to give you a good day or evening smile.  Just thought it was cute and here I am turning into one of the ladies that take pictures of everything.   

We didn't really order three things, but they had to redo from scratch Eldon's burger.  They put onions on it and you may remember he is deadly allergic to them.   So the good side of this was we got three smiles that evening and got to see the servers dance.  Hey it was a win win situation. 

There you go and more to come.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. wow great shot u look beautiful even in black and white lol

    love the plates too

  2. WOW, I met someone that is my height. What's the shoe size. Mine is 5-1/2. It is fabulous to see you here with Elizabeth Nelson's art. I know you also do these wonderful paper collages. In fact, very very well! Love the plates! Hugs, Kathy

  3. I love these things. Sure glad you posted them. And I agree, you are a beautiful lady. The love of life shows in your every expression.

  4. Annette thanks for making the time to see my work at Lark Art in Sedona. You have a jump on me now because I have not been there yet! I am on schedule with the Sedona Arts Center to teach there in November though. Maybe you'll make it back for the workshop!

  5. Thanks yall for the comments, you that means a lot to we bloggers. See Elizabeths art was fun and thank you Elizabeth for inspiring me on finding my new adventure of whatever that will be.
    Kathy you have always been such a fan of mine and do certainly treasure it. xoxo


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