Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roses, Zinnias, and Fun oh my

Now in my adventure of finding what I want to do in my life  and after a couple of careers.   I am still exploring.   So much out there and so little time.  Well,  you could not sleep I suppose but I don't know about you but I get pretty grumpy if I don't get sleep.  We won't talk about the dark circles under the eyes will we ?  

A sweet friend of mine, Bev, who I have never met but I do believe she would fight a buzz saw for me.    She lives in Australia and I have "played " with her for I don't know how many years.  Now the ones that know me, know I have kind of hard headed.  A shocker isn't it ?  Well, Bev kept saying you need to join this group you will love it.  So finally I did and what a sweet group of artists it is.   I am involved with the group of art journaling journey.   I thought what is this ?   Fun, just pure fun and I can use all my scrapbooking supplies I already have plus getting to buy more supplies.   You know that is half of the fun.  Shopping for thing that you have to have.

I have posted some of my beginner journaling art here on the blog  and if you are lucky will get to see more. 

So I just wanted to share Zinnia's banner with you on her blog.  Just check out all the goodies going on there.   That is part of the fun I do belive.   I think, jokeingly my grandson called me a trash digger and hubby never throws anything away now without me checking it out and seeing if I can use it.   We use to call that making do but nowdays it is recycling and art.  

Now I know I may sound like an ad or something but nope just Annette loving what she is doing right now and wanting to share with you.  I can't share my cooking, litteraly with you but I can share my art goodies. 

Here you go, the banner from Zinna's blog.  Zinnia's web site for the groups is Roses on my Table.   


There you go,  and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. Awe you sweet lady! I love you back! oxoxo Zinnia

  2. Annette , you are a generous soul, and Zinnias blog is definitely worth a check!

  3. Thanks Jane for the comment. Don't know where it went but came in on my e-mail.


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