Monday, April 25, 2011

We had the dryest March ever !!

I am posting this wonderful photograph taken by Frank Cianciole.  It is in the Davis Mountains and the Hobby-Eberly Telescope dome is in the right side of it.  The fires combined with our terrible winds, it and the fires are  just playing havoc with our wonderful state. 

 I didn't want to be very wordy with this blog I thing the photographs certainly speak for themselves.   Our nephew and his friend sent these to me.  I will not say enjoy but just wanted you to see what is going on here in our state.  We live in Lubbock Texas and in our backyard the other day there was smoke and the smell of it when the wind shifted.   We give thanks for all of the volunteer firemen, firemen and firemen from all over the country risking their lives to help these fires go by the wayside.   Thank you so much you brave guys.

We also have a link for more photographs of several fires in our wonderful state.
It is

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  1. Terrible fires which devastated large areas of land, 98% of which are intentionally hung dirty financial interests.
    Here in Italy happens every year.
    We must thank all the volunteers and firefighters who risk their life to save parts of our beautiful Earth.
    Check out this link
    Ciao Annette,have a nice day!

  2. Terrible and terrifying , as Franz said , in hot Italy during summer some lunatics intentionally put on the fires, and it happens every year, specially in Sardinia.
    Not much to say Annette, glad to hear from you , sending you many thoughts and hugs.

  3. So scary, Annette. My family in Florida have also been through this same thing. On one vacation down there we had to stay indoors because the smell was so strong and also unhealthy. Please take care.

  4. Thanks Franz, Jane and Jane. I cannot believe someone would do such a cruel thing as start a fire intentionally. they must not be a stable person. Thanks to you all for the good thoughts and same to you all with good thoughts and hugs.

  5. I have been concerned about you for days with the fires that are raging out there. I just hope they are not near you and Eldon. Take care dear friend and please keep us posted on how your doing. Big hugs, Kathy

  6. Wow. Truly a spectacular - and scary - photo.


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