Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Young and Older of it all

Hello to you and getting closer to the end of April.  Still cold and our poor new flowers are still in the garage waiting to be planted.  One day it will get warm enough to do this fun job.

  Age, you know I think it is just how you look at it.  Of course sometimes you get up and feel 100 plus years and then other days you feel like you can whip the world with one hand tied behind you. Well lately it has been the later for us and with the help of Motrin for the aches we can get back to world whipping.

I know they say that 60 or whatever age they are saying now is the new 40.  I don't know about that though.  Do I want to be 40 again?  I am quite happy at the age I am now, I would tell you but then you would faint or say my goodness she and Miss Clairol are best of friends.  Most of the years I have been happy at where I am in the scheme of things.  Good or bad that is just what happens and you deal with it and off you go.  Not  skipping in the field of flowers but you go and  thank goodness you are still kicking.   I do believe things and events happen for a reason and hope that you grow from them.   I am not sure where I am going with this post, probably won't know when I am finished.  LOL 

I have been doing some sketching all along and wanted to do the young and older  of us.   Well not me but you will see.   The young and youth so innocent and ready to see what is going on and having such a fresh look and explore.  Then the older, having lived and experienced so much in life.  Their faces are like little road maps of life.  I am not a poet and wish I could do some of that but just thinking  of how I think of life and faces. What they show, kind of like hands man or man do they ever show what is going on.    I do have a wonderful friend Nancy that is indeed a poet and does a wonderful job of creating with the 27 letters of the alphabet more than I could ever do. 

My first attempt of Mother Teresa.  I know little about her but knew that she was indeed a wonderful person.   For some reason when I got up yesterday morning I thought I want to sketch her.  So I got on the Internet, yea for it, and found a photo of her and this is the one that spoke to me.  I hope I did her justice and got the kindness in her eyes.   I know I have not put enough   "stories" on her face maybe next time.   

Now this little cutie is no one in particular but she is who appeared on my paper.  A knowing young lady and ready to explore the world and so much out there to do and see. 
So there you go my young and Older.   Thanks for stopping by today and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. Both are beautiful...a contrast of ages but not of your talents!

    1. Thanks Anita, I hope your trip to England was as fun as it looked. I am wanting to go there to meet all my wonderful new family. xoox

  2. Dear Annette, I totally agree with you regarding age, I wouldn't go back to anything either, but is always happy where I stand. This is life and every age has it's good and bad.I don't know anything about Motrin though...could you tell me what it is ? :-)
    You made two very good portraits and I think you captured Mother Teresa very well , good work on the eyes , and of course the young girl is just so perfect, I am sure she already knows everything there is to know :-))) xoxox

    1. Hello Jane, well Motrin IB is an over the counter type thingie. Helps us get out of bed in the mornings when we have been doing tons of yardwork and can hardly move. It is an Ibuprpfen tablet 200 mg. Stronger than an asprin but not habit forming thankgoodness. I have taken it on an empty stomach and not recieved well by it. I bet y'all have something like it.

      thanks about the portraits. I smiled when you commented on the young girl.
      Hugs and xoxoxoxoxo

  3. wow my friend, these are stunning...


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