Sunday, April 7, 2013

April CQ square

Hello  there,  looks like I have been tardy with my post.   Now one good thing about blogging if you are tardy you don't need a note from your parent or won't get licks from the teacher.   Not that anyone I know would have done that.   : ) 

So with no further ado here is my post.    April is the beginning of Spring, I know some of you dear people are still getting snow and I am sorry about that.  Sometimes Mother Nature, you know she is fickle, likes to clear her throat at us.   Change is in the air for all and we are fixin ( a Texas word for gonna do it ) to go on another adventure.   Will keep you posted on the change ,  so please forgive me  for not posting as much and please no licks ( swats with a paddle). 

I have sent my April Crazy Quilt Square to Kathy for the CQ challenge.  It is funny where these go.  I start with a square of muslin or white fabric and sit at the sewing machine and think OK where are you taking me this trip?  And off I go sewing and cutting like Edward Sizzorhand.  Well that may be stretching it a tad but you get the mental picture.

A close up of the square, with beads and butterflies and all kinds of fanciful flowers.   The center butterfly is part of some silk with the butterflies on it waiting to be set free.

Here is the whole square, the finished part will be 8x8.  The left upper corner is a tad bright for the other colors but you know me I have to add some "spark" in my work somewhere. 
So there you go my April CQ square,  I have enough of them done til August in case our next project keeps me super busy.  CQ is kind of like the chicken and the egg thingy.   Which came first?   The collecting of the pretties or the sewing of the pretties. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.