Sunday, April 14, 2013

Always be curious

On my art table, AKA lateral files with my hubby's parents old door on top, is a saying I found while cleaning up.    "Always be curious" I had printed it on fabric to use on a project and when I create I am the worlds worst messy person there is.   I do clean it all up before another new project begins and it is like hide and seek sometimes.  Not that artists are ever messy.   I loved it and thought yep that is me with my art I think.  Wondering what is next, what if I do this instead of this.  You know the feeling I bet.   There is so much different art directions one can go and again I have said there is nothing new under the sun. It has already been done and said, but we all put our little twist on it as in life and off we go.

Lubbock has an Art Festival every year, there were lots of empty booths this year, I hope it doesn't dwell down to nothing though.  It is fun to see what is being created out there.   We go on a Friday and not many shoppers compared to Saturday and Sunday I am sure but lots and lots of school children.  Some were complaining about it but I loved it, to see the excitment of them  seeing art in different ways.  they have make and takes for the children and to see their faces with such intent looks as they created.  It was well worth the trip for me, DH always is such a good sport and goes along with me.  Then we always have a good lunch afterward so I guess it is our date day.   

We try to find something different to buy, to support an artist.  A lot of it I do so I just don't buy what I do.  There was some fabric art there but hey, I do that.   On of the pieces sequins and beads on it,  hummmmm wonder who is the Queen of beads and sequins?  Well, maybe not the Queen but would give her a run for her money.   We did find a booth that was worth going back to for a second time.   It was some glass art.  I don't do that, although my friend Nelda says I can.  I still have my kiln, it is old as the hills but they just wear out.  But this booth had pretty colors and you know I love colors and did force myself to buy a piece.   It was one of her larger pieces and just spoke to us---take me home you don't have anything like me there.    So we did.

Now I took the pics, I know---Annette you can do better, but it is in a dark corner right now I want it to be safe and sound until it finds where it wants to be.   Glass rods and copper tubing are just some of the work on it. 

Here is a close up of Mr. sun or moon or whoever it is.   I think moon but hey he may not even be that.   Cute though. 

Here is the whole piece, very heavy but I think it needs to be where the sun can shine thru also.  It is very different from anything we have but just called to us. 
Now as you might remember I am taking Life Book 2013 and very behind and I mean behind on the weekly doings, but this year I am just picking and choosing what I want to do.    Tammy posted this cute lesson for I think week before last about quirky birds ------so this is one of the birds I did.    Fun and will do more of them, they are kind of habit forming. 
Just a section of what I did, just a nothing little thing and once you got started you just couldn't stop.  I guess like eating potatoe chips.  
There you go some of my playings and doings.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am doing in my world.