Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just a little Dilly Dally time

You know I love that phrase, Dilly Dally.   Can mean so much but I think at times I am queen of the dilly dallies.  Or maybe Piddle,  that could mean the same thing.   What do you think?   Some days you just get so industrious and other days well Dilly Dally away.   Well I had a little time so thought I will play and see what I get and guess who popped onto my canvas?  this flower child or fairy or whatever she wants to be.  I can't decide if I am finished with her or not but maybe until I look at her for a day or two.

That is it for today just wanted to see my dilly dally for the day.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. I really love Her.The hair,face and green backround all so nice.Perfect! Denise

  2. Beautiful girlfriend, Hugs Marilou

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous sweet friend and not at all dilly dally :-) She is so lovely in those surreal surroundings of green, I get the feeling she is under water. And I think that all your portraits are self portraits :-) Have a nice day ! xoxo

  4. Anette, this is absolutely beautiful. Green is my favourite colour, although because of our unseasonably cold weather, there's not much of it on show in my garden at the moment (sigh) Blessings

  5. Dear Annette she is so wonderfully made, love everything about your painting.

    Hugs Anni

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Beautiful work:)
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  7. If I could do this with a little play time, I'd play all the time...WOW!!! She is pure gorgeous! I love the green, and her face is fantastic...love her hair too! SUPER!!!


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