Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pay Backs and the Faerie

Well my Faeries are still being created.  So far I have 5 more Faeries now in the works.   It is funny sometimes I do better when I have several things going.   Right now we have the Fall clean up going outside.   Not much raking of the leaves yet, ours are still green. BUT we are lucky, when the wind blows from the North the leaves just wander down the street and lands where they choose.   I am feeling  they land in an empty field not to far from us.  It is probably where all the tumble weeds come to see us in the Spring so I guess it is a pay back.  Our leaves for the empty fields tumbleweeds.  
This afternoon we trimmed all of the Bougainvillea, which we hate because they are blooming so beautiful right now.  But so far twice we have had to cover everything with sheets to protect from the frost.   Which is a kiss of death to our tender outside plants.   I cut and trimmed and Eldon hauled it all to the dumpster in the alley.  A team mission.  
BUT  the most interesting happening right now is we are having the most giant "DOG HOUSE" built.   Well, really really not a dog house or a green house but Eldon calls it a green house and I call it a dog house.   We have a covered patio ( enclosed already on 3 sides and has a roof ) and are enclosing it in all glass with a doggie door and a unit for right now that heats and cools.  Gotta keep the furbabies comfy.   They don't know they are outside babies.  so we don't tell them.   We bought new beds for the occasion and I bought some animal print to cover them with.   In the morning they are coming to finish up that project.  So then we can mark off one more thing on our list.   When it is finished I promise to show you.   Probably in the Spring we will decorate it to something light and airy.   It is not giant but will work for us. the furbabies and the plants.  
I had big thought to do this faerie step by step, but during all this I forgot.   I did remember though when about half way through.  
I was proud that I thought of making a sample card of the colors of my twinkling H2O's.    Perfect for my faeries.   With the minerals in them and the twinkles in them.   
Here she is with part of the background done.    They just develop as they want.   I don't really plan them at all, just go with the flow.

Here she is all finished and ready to be made into cards and ciggies with the next batch of faeries.   I did have to laugh at the little Love Bird, it just kind of plumped up nicely or had it's fluffy feather suit on.   This one was a fun painting to do.  
There you go for today.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.



  1. She is so beautiful Annette! I love the color of her skin:) That bird is getting ready for winter! Smart birdie:) Can't wait to see her sister!

  2. I love your beautiful fairy and bird Annette, but miss seeing your beautiful textile pieces, xx

    1. Thanks Nancy and Netty, you know I just finished 5 pieces, 4 lace books and one special lace birthday card and mailed them off and flat forgot to take pics of them. But will make some more and then post. Promise. oxox

  3. Dear friend. You must be so excited to get the green house/ dog house finally done , will be a boost for you and the fur babies :-) Oh yes, such a pity to cut down the Bougainvillea now, but one has to do what is necessary ! Love your gorgeous fairies as always , so beautiful and creative. xoxo

    1. Hi Jane, well the people who are framing in the "dog house" never showed up, guess the Friday got to them. They came to the house and said we will be right back, LOL Still waiting. Thanks for enjoying the faeries, love doing those pretty little things. Hugs xoxo

  4. Amazing....simply amazing. :) XOXO

  5. This pretty fairy has to be a favorite of your recent pieces. Her mouth and eyes are esp. nice. As always, I love the colors you used here. TFS!


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