Saturday, December 14, 2013

Recipe of a Little Yummy Treasure

I was looking for a recipe for some cookies that would ship well.  Not to ship to ourselves, nope I just cook them and they are at our fingertips.  Like we need them to eat.   But this time of year my hips are saying no no no.      Grandaughter moved to Hawaii and  we wanted to send her something yummy, homemade and  that ships well.   Well we sent her some other things also.   Mission accomplished !!!!! 

They are so like the Mexican Wedding cookies we love and  it just amazing though how easy peazy they are to make.  So cute and tiny and not super sweet.   I don't remember who had the recipe on the internet world, I had just typed in cookies that are good shippers.   You know I complain sometime about the internet but it has it's uses doesn't it?   Besides keeping up with old and new friends, learning how to's on most any subject.   You can look like a dog at the computer and it doesn't matter.   They can't see you, well if you have Skype, which I have to get, they will see you.

I have the link here for them:

They are so cute and easy, hummmmm I think I said that but they are !!!!!!  They are just pop able, zip zap one pop into the mouth and no crumbs or evidence that you have one in your mouth.  Just incase the cookie police see you.   You know that is a good thing to know.   

I have a confession I did keep a few for us, we had to taste them and they have a shelf life of------------------- a month.  No eggs in them so that may be why.  
I just had to share these with you.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.