Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Beer Roast Recipe

I don't know about y'all but in the Fall/Winter time of the year I get the "cooks".  Wanting to bake, cook and anything that pertains to cooking and creating in the kitchen.   I know I am older and as one person once told my daughter---is she STILL trying new recipes?    Yep I surely am.  As long as I can read and move.   You never know what is around the corner waiting to be tried and maybe even replace a favorite you have had. 

Now years ago I use to use onions in everything like every other cook in the world I suppose.  Onion rings and whatever else you use them in.   When Hubby was in his 30's he became deathly ill, like the flu and then his breathing  IS affected from them.  So  long onions and hello spices.    At first I tried onion powder, nope not that and then dried onions nope not that.  So the onions are gone !!!!!!!  Oh if they are maybe the last ingredient in the line up of ingredients, kind of like a line up of criminals,  he might can eat it with no effects but we usually don't take a chance on it anymore.  

I am fixin to post a recipe with onions but trust me I don't use them.  

Hubby's favorite in the world is Roast with brown gravy ( ham is a tie for first).   He is a meat and potato man and when I say meat I mean BEEF and HAM not pork but just HAM.   Now I figured out it doesn't matter what kind of roast you use if you cook it right it will be tender.  So I don't worry about it much anymore.  Now when I was first starting my cooking adventure when first married at 16 I worried big time but not anymore.  This old grey mare has other things to worry about.   You know like what color is my new faerie I am painting hair will be or some big problem like that. 

Usually I follow a recipe to the teeeee the first time and then watch out recipe if you make the second goings around you will never be the same.   Sometimes I do forget what I change and then just play some more.   Now in earlier years when I tried new recipes and no one would eat them our fur baby Smokey was fed with what I cooked.  Family says that is what killed him but he was like 14 or around there so I like to think it was not my cooking.  

I get recipes wherever they are presented.   This one was on TV and I don't think I will use the original cooks name, he may come and take away my pans and cooking utensils.

Soooooooooo I call it Beer Roast

Serves 6-8                                                                                     325degrees-300 degrees

5 cups Guinness Stout Beer  ( 4 bottles)   guess you can drink the rest while cooking and not to worry if you don't drink.  The Alcohol cooks out and you have the flavor. We had one person say they were afraid of it, don't know if they ever cooked it or not. The wife did buy the ingredients.

1 cup dried cherries

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar ( I use a raspberry balsamic vinegar and sometimes don't use the dried cherries

2 T. vegetable oil or EVOO

1- 5 1/2 lb arm roast  ( the original called for pork but it is not beef)


1/2  t. pepper

 4 Garlic cloves, peeled and minced

1 T. tomato paste

5 whole allspice, crushed ( I use the powdered when I don't have whole)

 2 Bay leaves

1/2 cup molasses

4 T. packed brown sugar

2 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and rough chopped

Now I did adjust the sweet in this recipe to what it is today, that stout beer is STOUT.

1.  bring stout, Cherries and vinegar to a simmer.  Transfer to a bow and cover tightly with plastic wrap and let sit for 1 hour or refrigerate overnight.

2. Use the center rack of the oven

3. Warm the oil in cast iron pot or Dutch oven over high heat.   Season the roast with salt and pepper.  Sear on all sides until golden brown 12--15 minutes total time.    Transfer roast to platter and remove all but 2 T. of fat in pot.

4. Add onion ( I don't ) pepper to pot and add garlic and cook about 3 minutes.  Remember if you over cook garlic it tastes nasty or bitter.    Stir in tomato paste and cook 2 or 3 minutes longer.  Add roast, then the cherry liquid, allspice, bay leaves, molasses, brown sugar, 1 t. salt and 2 cup water.  Bring mixture to a simmer.

5.  Cover pot and transfer to oven.  Braise for 1-2 hours turning once during cooking ( but it basically covers the roast so I don't turn over ).  Now I cook longer than it says and start with 325 degrees then about 2 hours or more into it I turn down to 300 degrees.  Add the sweet potatoes and cook for 2 more hours. or until the potatoes and roast is done.  If the potatoes get done first just take them out of the pot and save on a platter.   This stuff will be tender and soooooo good.   After done remove roast and potatoes add corn starch to the sauce.  It just thickens it some and then more like a gravy.    Be sure and taste for maybe more sugar.   

6. Slice and serve with sauce over the top .   

A friend just recently tried with a different beer and in the crock pot and said it turned out delicious.

There you go an Annette altered recipe.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  



  1. Sounds perfectly yummy! I too get the cooks the minute the weather gets colder. I like the warmth and smell in the kitchen on a cold day!

    1. Oh Anita I am glad someone else gets the cooks. xoox loving your blog on your tirp.

  2. Dear Annette, years ago I did a roast in the oven cooked for hours with beer, and it was just melting in our mouths, soooo good. Am not sure it is exactly the same recipe as yours, but beer really does the trick. As far as recipes go, I do just like you, follow them to the letter the first time and then just play around with something added ..or left out. Have a bright and creative day . XXOOXX

  3. great recipe will have to try it, thank you for sharing, Annette x


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