Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Transformation!!!!!

I just thought I would share the finished piece I teased you with the other day.   I always love making the CQ pieces, they are a lot like life.  You start with the basics and then just keep adding and adding layers and see where they wind up.  You really never know it is finished.  Each and every piece takes on it's own personality.   I don't plan one stitch or embellishment at all. Nope not one.   Even the material I sew on doesn't get planned at all.  Kind of like Hubby and I go thru life. 

A lot of the times when we go on a trip, nothing is planned.  Nothing ----we get in the car and see where our steel stallion takes us.  Which direction and all.  We just know we will wander and site see and then when absolutely tired come home.   That is it.  

  CQ is lots of layers and sometimes it is hard to know when to stop.   Dear Hubby is my guide sometimes, he asks do you have a 1000 pounds of beads on it yet?   You know I don't actually have 1000 pounds on them but close.  

Here is the purse from the other day.   I had already added some trims but it was not finished by my standards ---far from it.   

Here it is transformed Texas style.  Stitches, beads, ribbon work and just some treasures added.  Pieces of jewelry and oh did I mention beads?   I wanted to of course add beads to the faerie also.  

There you go the transformation and a little guardian angel charm added just for good measure. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Merry Christmas and oh what 2014 will bring to us all.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.