Friday, November 29, 2013

The Recipe of Rosalie's Salad

Do you have pet names for different recipes?  Or not even really really know the name of a recipe and just give it a name?  This recipes has a dear name to me, after a lady with a wonderful and giving heart.  

Years ago when I was in the 8th grade, yes the world was perking along even back then.   Any who,  the  8th grade class use to have a graduation, the walking across the stage and the who nine yards.   There was a dance afterwards at the Gaines County Golf Course party house.   I use to think that building was giant in size but it is not.    I wasn't going to go because all the girls had the pretty "formals" and then layers and layers of tulle in the skirts like bellowing clouds.  So pretty and fluffy looking.   Well this angel  Rosalie  found out via her daughter that I didn't have a dress.   Lo and behold she fitted one of her daughters beautiful dresses for me and I got to go to the party.  It was light blue and I will never forget it and was strapless.  Yikes I had never worn a strapless dress before much less a formal.   Her beautiful daughters were in Rainbows part of the Eastern Star organization so they did were dresses like that several times. 

Now I tell you this story of how this yummy salad got it's name.   Not because of the salad but because of Rosalie Jones.   I think later in life we crossed paths again either when I china painted so some such girlie function as that and she gave me the recipe.  

I use to take it family functions and meanie me didn't' give the recipe, I needed one secret weapon recipe.  Right?  A recipe that they would say yea Aunt Nette is coming and bringing the salad we love.   

 Well I compiled a family recipe book and shared Rosalie's salad in there.   I had thought about doing a recipe book but then just compiled a bunch of recipes from Eldon's family.   I haven't tested them all but what I have tested are pretty darn good.   One of our daughters wanted a book of just mine but I wanted to share with Eldon's family and try to include everyone in it.    Now it has been overhauled, the book, and thinking about redoing it for grandson and granddaughter.  

Enough suspense here is the salad recipe.    I did make it for this Thanksgiving, I asked Hubby which salad he would like and he said the pudding salad and I knew exactly which one it was.   I never knew when I use to cook for our family what salads or dishes they liked so tried changing all the time to see if anyone would ever ask for a certain dish.  Nope, but Hubby has asked.

                                                             Rosalie's Salad

1 small box of instant vanilla pudding
1 large can of pineapple chunks
1 can of apricots
1 can of mandarin oranges
3 sliced bananas
1/2 cup nuts (pecans)

Dissolve instant pudding with juices of fruits.  Mix all fruits together with pudding and add nuts.   You may use strawberries when in season.   Refrigerate and serve.  

I made the whole thing this year and wondering is I can half it being as we are only two.  Will try that and should work.

Here you go the picture of the salad.    After in the refrigerator the pudding thickens up.   Sooooooooooo good and eazy peazy.

There you go the recipe and story. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.



  1. Looks good Annette. and I love the story of your dress for the dance.

  2. This sounds really good and so easy , just my kind of recipe ! The story of your dress is like something taken from a glad you went to the dance...wonder if you were having fun ? xoxoxo

    1. Hi Jane, yes I had fun and was like a wonderful party with my fancy dress. xoxo

  3. Great story. The salad sounds great. I think I'll try it, but put it in a graham cracker crust and call it Annette's Pie and top it with whipped creme. There you go...a recipe I named for you.

    1. Love it Carol, if you do want to make a pie out of it be sure and not put all the liquids in it just kind of try some of it. Anything with whipped crème on it it good isn't it? Even peanut butter and jelly sandwich is yummy I would think. xoxoxo


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