Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mad as a Wet Hen

Do you ever think of WHAT IF?   You know what if something didn' happen the way it did would it have panned out a different way?   So many thing in life just follow a path.  I wonder at times what fate has in store for us and guess life would be dull if we knew ahead of time. 

Now what if we hadn't been in San Angleo Texas at this particular time in our life?   Here's the little story I had thought of ---we were in our van, when van's were popular.  We were always hauling kids of all ages, our daughters and their friends around taking them to Six Flags over Texas, the beach, ball games, in fact when we traded it off for my little wonderful red sports car our nephew said we needed to put the van on blocks and make a shrine out of it.  The van held lots of fun memories.  One daughter use to take it and a crew of friends to the movies quite often.   Anyway we were going thru San Angelo and just outside of the town cars were pulled over and a stock trailer was also pulled over and the back gate was open.  We stopped and wondered what was going on?  Well, hubby got out to see and then very soon he jumped back into the van and  said a bull, a big one, was out and wandering around the highway.   Well just a few seconds WHAM the bull head butted us several times.  I do believe he was mad as a wet hen. Well if they got mad when they were wet, but a good saying anyway.  The bull was  really mad and our van looked like the one he would take it out on.  The only damage to our van was the outside wheel cover had a nice rounded dent in it.  Now the bull?  Bet he had a massive headache, if they have headaches that is.  They finally rounded him up and got him back into the stock trailer. Even after we drove off he was running at us trying to get us one more time.   It was something for us to giggle about and certainly a memory we would not forget.  Now what if we hadn't have been there ?  Would the bull have head butted some little compact car and really hurt the people inside or tried to take on an 18 wheeler truck and hurt himself?   You wonder how things would have turned out differently.

Now another question in my mind is would hubby and I have met if he would have not moved back to Seminole when he was in the 5th grade after living in Portales New Mexico for a year?  Would he have gone into the Navy with a couple of friends or been drafted by the Army (beginning of the Viet Nam era)?  Would we have been soul mates for 51 years if my Mother would have taken my little brother or one of my other siblings  to live with her instead of me?  I think somehow or another we would have met, it was fate that we were to meet and be together.  Makes your imagination go kind of wild there doens't it?  Many stories could have evolved there. 

How about if I had entered the contest from artfullymusing earlier or later and not won a prize.  I am not a prize winner, yes in life I am I feel, but prizes from contests ?  Nope -nada- no. 


look at what I won.  It came in the mail today.  In a pretty red envelope, I looked at the envelope,  you know how you look at an envelope like it is going to say "I know what is inside and you don't"  hahahaha.  You all have done it I bet.  I carefully opened it and here was the wonderful prize.  An ATC of some of Laura's beautiful work.   I think I have looked at it and touched it til it is worn out and examined it carefully. 

So if I hadn't entered when I did I would not have been a proud owner of this New Years Girl.  So many thanks Artfully Musing.   You made my day.

There you go this is what is going on in my world today.  Thank you so much for stopping by and more in a couple of three days.   xoxoxoxx


  1. Sweet little story. Love to read your posts. Hope your New Year is going well!

  2. Love Laura's artwork--it's so fabulous! Lucky you!! Great story about the bull! Welcome back==you were missed!

  3. Annette there is a song from Don Mac Lean called 'Crossroads' which I love , you might find it on 'You Tube' if you wish, and it is talking exactly about these 'what if's', and your text so made me think of it. I also often wonder what would have happened if I hadn't done, or chosen this or that but gone another way....who knows, but Don Mac Leans song knows :-) Congrats on your lovely gift. xoxoxo

  4. Great reading Annette and love your beautiful prize. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  5. Congrts with the lovely art gift.
    Good story,greets,Willy

  6. Thanks for your visit and comments on my blog and enjoyed reading your post of What If's.. good writing.


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