Sunday, January 8, 2012

Luck and the Frozen Tundra

Now what do y'all eat for good luck at the beginning of the year ?  I could almost bet, if I was a betting woman and I am, that everyone has some sort of tradition at the first of the year that will bring you good luck or prosperity. I guess our main one is don't take the Christmas tree down before the first of the year, but that isn't food is it? My Mother, being from England always said that.  So it is certainly a tradition we observe.  Only took it down once before the first of January and will never do that again.  EVER.   One tradition that we do for luck and prosperity is eat some black-eyed peas on New Years Day.  Ugly little things but with ham and a few jalapeno peppers they are tasty. You can also add some cornbread and you are good to go. 

 I went on wikipedia to find out something about the little peas and of course there were lots of words and paragraphs about them.  The main little paragraph I was looking for is that the tradition dated back to the Civil War.  Now that is before I was born, believe it or not.  It said when the Union troops, especially in the areas targeted by General Sherman,  didn't say why they picked on his area though.  Anyway the soldiers stripped the countryside of all stored food.  At that time the Union soldiers thought the black-eyes peas were food for animals and didn't take or destroy them.  Good for us because they aren't bad to eat. 

Here is a photo I got from Simple Daily Recipes, just thought I would show you Black-eyed peas.  Just in case you were wondering what they looked like and it ever came up in a conversation. 

Now one thing I wouldn't do is put them into the frozen tundra if you have any leftovers.  Now what in the world is that you ask?  Ours is disguised as a freezer.  You put "things" in there to save them for a later date, then you go back to the tundra and you look for the "thing".  I do believe they hide in there or morph into something else and turn into some dried up looking mummified piece of stuff,  something that you carefully wrapped,  dated and labeled.  You look at the package and think what in the world is this?  I am sure no one has done that ever.  You know thinking about it there was a movie I went to in the early fifties and they have had a remake of it since, but it was called---- THE THING  and was in a giant block of ice.  Do you suppose ?  Naw surely not.

There you go that is what is going on in my world today or was on my mind anyway.  Thanks for stopping by.   Catch you later .   xoxoxoxox 


  1. Annette--you are so funny--the frozen tundra and the Thing!! ROFL!

  2. HAHAHHA You are so funny! I love your wit!

    I took my tree down two days after Christmas this year because our old tile was being torn up! Nothing bad has happened yet but I did enjoy the Black Eyed Peas we ate!


  3. Hey there Annette, I live in the frozen tundra. We don't have a freezer, but we can just open the door to the deck and stick it in the snow!!!! One has to eat it before spring or before the bears wake up:) Oh, and my tree is still standing, but the ornaments are off. One thing at a time:) One year I left it up until St. Patricks day!!!

  4. Thanks Janet glad you liked it. xo

    Rebecca, yep Black Eyed Peas are pretty tasty. Good luck with the tile job.

    Nancy, keep unthawed my friend and don't let the bears get ya. Nothing wrong with leaving the tree up all year in my book, just keep adding decorations for each holiday. We could start a new tradition? xo

  5. Annette , just love your humor, your blog is like a vitamin injection! A curiosity of mine...what happened the year when you threw the christmas tree out too early? xoxo

  6. Hi Annette,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    I see that you also didn't get around to have a play at Mary's Green Paper challenge this January. Anyway, I so enjoyed hearing from you last year. Let's see if we can both participate again in February, huh?

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    Have a wonderful 2012,
    your blog friend from Munich, Germany,


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