Friday, January 6, 2012

Explore !!

Hello and hope all have a great 2012.   Here we are into a new year with hopes and dreams of what will come to us.   I feel in my heart it is a year of change--maybe the on going of the Aquarius age. 

My friend Bev had a word for this year--Contentment.  She is gracious enough to share it with me as a good friend would do,  but I thought you know I want to grow and explore this year also.  Trying to catch up with her and several other  artsy friends means get with it Annette.  So how about grow I thought?  Well, have to be careful about the words we pick-grow-now that could mean several things.   Like grow the hips?   Nope not that word.  WHEW almost did myself doom for the year.   So I thought how about Explore?   Explore in Art, explore techniques in Art ( guess that is the same thing ) and also explore in traveling.  to name a few.   Now a Lewis and Clark or Christopher Columbus I am not, had you fooled there didn't I?  We do like to wander and explore when traveling, not so much for the shopping, which we do little and I mean very little of that.  Just to discover the country sides of where we go.  Simple things like that and being us as we go.  So my word for the year is Explore.  There that being settled on with something arty I am exploring. 

Strathmore offers free and I did say free online workshops.  This year one of the instructors is Traci Bautista.  I had never heard of her but she is a good and pretty teacher.  Her four week class is Doodles Unleashed : Mixed Media Techniques.   I have watched the videos and thought OK you like to doodle so off I went.  Paint, pens and markers just dancing across the page like my Muse was taking over.  Layers and layers of paint and marks.  Even my tee shirt I was wearing got into the picture of painting, it proudly wears some pink paint. 

Here is a section of my first doodle.  I didn't have all the supplies but did just use what I had.  It was fun and I think you could use sections of the whole  piece for other work additions.

One more cross section of the main painting doodle.

It was hard for me not to let loose and do more of my pen line drawings-tangles but tried just to let loose.

The final piece of art or doodle.  I can see so many things in it, guess like looking at all the shapes in clouds.  A tad colorful but might have gotten that out of my system but kind of doubt that. 

There you go, that is what is going on in my world at the moment.  More to come and thanks so much for stopping in and seeing what is going on in Annette's World.  xoxo


  1. Oh wow Explore thats good, i will share it too, i want to come and explore with u so what a year we will have finding new ways and methods sounds perfect and we shall do it with contentment lol

  2. Thanks Bev, I like that. I love our artsy group. I could mention so many names, but my fingers would be worn down and no energy left in them. xox

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty--we love the same colors!! I liked that class a lot!!

  4. Hi Janet, yep another pea in our art pod. I think those are awesome colors. xo

  5. Hello Annette, very beatiful combination of colors and the design too.
    I don't speak english very well, so I am not sure that it is all clear.
    Thank you very much for the compliments and for
    choosing me in your friend blogs.
    Ciao, a presto, Floriana

  6. Spectacular Annette, must have been real fun to do. You really set yourself loose here. Wow! hugs xoxox

  7. Love the beautiful, vibrant know I do! Great doodle. Could actually be translated into a fabric, I think. I so want to travel some more...


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