Sunday, January 22, 2012

60 Miles an Hour and a Tad of Art

I know it is winter in a lot of the world but today looks like a good ole West Texas day in the Spring.  Spring should be a doozie with no rain and lots of dry red dirt when it blows in here.   The sienna sky , sounds like a pretty color but not good for the sinus or can you imagine the messed up hairdos?   The flags fly out straight and you acquire leaves in your back yard that are not yours.   Little whirlwinds gather at your back door and the assorted leaves just dance around like they are thinking this is so much fun.  60 mile per hour gusts are a tad windy but we I would suppose we get use to them.  Or at least tolerate them.  Now mind you I didn't say we liked them but we get them all the while. 

Here is a quick shot outside our back door.   Now you ask why in the world do you live there ?  Well we have a lot of good friendly people  and that counts for a lot.  You will meet no strangers here in West Texas and we don't have big traffic jams either and we can't forget the wide open spaces where you can see the sun set and rise.  The song from Roy Rogers of Don't Fence Me In  is one that I always think of.

I took these off of the weather channel, it was showing some scenes around town.  The visibility is pretty good for a sand storm like this.  

A scene on the interstate. 

Now just a thought off the top of my head but don't think this little shed was tied down well.  Wonder how many times it tumbled?

In my art room where is is calm and nice and cozy I create and play and be so thankful I don't have to be out in the wind.  When we are at the beach  we don't mind the wind but do you supppose it is the location that makes our mind think like that?

One of the Mandalas that I painted at the beach.  On watercolor paper and I used the  Neocolor II watersoluble wax pastels.   Carran D'Ache ones are small and in a cute little tin.    It is the container that counts doesn't it?  I used them with a paint brush and water , like wet brush to the end of the crayon method.  I think you are really suppose to color the paper and then add the water but it worked that way.  It maked the colors deeper my way.  I sketched it first then lastly went over with one of my black Pitt Pens.

My fairy I did in the calm of my beach trip.  I haven't put wings on her yet but did enjoy the watercolor this way.   Is it perfect ?  Nope don't think so but that will come with practice practice.  

There you go now you know what is going on in my world today.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.   See you soon. xoxoxo


  1. Isn't she pretty!! I love her hair--and your mandalas are wonderful also. It was windy here today, but it did blow in some warm air--probably from down your way!

  2. My sweet Annette , this lovely fairy makes me think of you...or maybe it is the hair do, but I think it is a self portrait, right? In any case she is really pretty and well done, and the same goes for your Mandala, wonderful colors an your creativity is just super! xoxo


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