Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's Green and not even St. Patty's Day

The end of January is almost and positively here.  Sorry January you are usually brown and grey and cold  So I try to think of a cheerful color and green was the winner this day.   I know when I think of Green it is St Pattie's Day with the luck of the Irish and maybe a little Leprechaun at the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold.  But wait that is in March and when the green beer is served.  I guess I am getting ahead of myself here.  

When I started painting this next background I just saw a tube of green and cobalt blue paint and started playing and paint was a flying. One of my shirts proudly show the battle scars of the paint.    All random strokes painted and to the tune of some pretty song and Criminal Minds on the TV.  Yes both at the same time and with sometimes our fur babies laying at my feet giving me the stare that dogs give us when they really want a treat and look like they have no friend at all in the world.   Funny what I paint to now, pretty music and the TV going full steam ahead.   Well now I do mix it up sometimes and watch NCIS also.  

I created a wonderful swirly stamp I made  with rubber bands, my new best art friend and used my brushes and puncinella ( aka sequin waste) and just played to my hearts content.  Then when it was done I thought what in the world am I going to do with this?   Well guess who chose to appear ?  I call her the Brazilian Mardi Gras girl.  Pretty and sassy and lots of personality in her headdress. 


Hope you like her and the ribbons of color in her hair.  What am I going to do with her?  Don't know but she was fun and danced across my page.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Hugs xoxo


  1. I know that fur baby stare! Like Mardi gras girl!

  2. Loving all the swirls and great colours, x

  3. Another gorgeous glamour girl! This can really make a girl dream :-) Love your super creativity Annette, and can picture you so well while you do this , patting the fur babes, dancing to the music, casting a glance on the film in the TV , spilling paint on your shirt....and just enjoying yourself. Don't ever stop :-) xoxoxo

  4. thanks girls for the comments. yes I just enjoy my self in my art room, glad no one can see me except the fur babies when they are in. I can just hear the Salsa music looking at this gal. xoxoxo

  5. stunning colors and page spread! I love all the colors - especially the shades of green! :)

  6. Love the new look. You are so talented


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