Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potatoes falling from a Wagon

My mother had a saying when it thundered that potatoes were falling out of God's wagon.   We were very young and the loud noises thunder made would scare us. That was a fun way to calm down the fears a child would have of the noices of thunder.  Now thinking today, wonder what kind of wagon would it have been and those had to be some big potatoes to make some noises like that.    

I just like to think of laying on your back and looking at the clouds imagining what shapes were in them.  A dog, a rocket ship a kitty or a bear ?  Maybe even a clown with a big and fluffy round nose.    They were just so fluffy and soft looking.  Like cotton candy even.   Today when Eldon and I are on a driving trip, our favorite kind, I look out the window and see shapes and image all kinds of stories about the clouds.  I see the shapes and then in a few seconds they have changed into something else. 

It is coming to the time of year when we have thunder heads. I mean some big and fluffy clouds that say I AM A CLOUD.  You have no doubt what they are, not the little wispy "scouts" as I call them   The little ones that seem to be out looking for other clouds and then they all gather together and tada ---- a thunder head. 

                     So here you go a couple of picture of West Texas thunder heads  

Now this cloud says I AM A CLOUD, no doubt in your mind that it means business

There you go I just wanted to share some of our clouds with you.      I do have one more saying mother use to say.    You know when it rains, it will one day, and the sun is shining?  Well that is the devil beating his wife.  Just thought you might like to know that little tidbit of info there.

  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Hi annette, I love these clouds, you see, I am a cloud lover too!! I have taken innumerable photos of big fat dark clouds, or of "funny" clouds, or whatever catch my eye....so, I'm on your side! Hugs to you

  2. Now those of some clouds. Great, big, beautiful clouds. Thank you, Annette.

  3. In the first cloud, i recognize "Calamity Jane"
    Sunny greets,Willy


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