Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Metal Stalion

 Living in Texas I know it is thought we have horses and cows and six shooters.   In the wild west days I bet we would have but today,  we only have a 400 horse power wild metal stalion that is red and will run like the wind.   When our red metal stalion was new he smelt like the new car smell they have but  only lasts a short while.  That is not the same as the wonderful smell of a tried and true horse.  The kind with 4 legs and that are such magnificant animals with swishy tails and ears that never stand up when you want to take a photo of them. 

I was not raised with horses  in my life growing up, but my Daddy raised Alpaloosas and my half sister was quite a horsewoman in her younger days.  I know I would have been just like she was with the horses all the outfits adorned with  bling and riding like the wind on her beautiful horse.   The wind blowing her hair back as she rode with such confidence looking majestic as her four legged friend.

We and our daughter went together and bought our grandaughter a red horse.  Not sure what he is called in horse colors but red to me.  We got go baby sit him for a little over a year and it was wonderful.  I got to love on him and watch him graze on our "back 2 .  Actually it was our back two acres but we called it our back 2.  The tail swishing and just watching him run with the neighboring horses and the sun shining on his coat.   That was a treat for us to be able to do that.  He later was sold but the memory of him was great for me.  

I do like to paint them though so here are a couple of paintings I have done of these magical animals.

 This beautiful paint was at a horse show we went to a couple of years back, he was tied to a trailer all by himself and I just had to paint him.  His ears perked up so pretty when I walked up to him and just talked and talked to him.  He made the wonderful sound they make when talking back to you.  Like hello Annette thanks for taking time to come and see me.

This handsome fellow is my rendition of an indian horse of sorts.  Just had to give him a little paint and some fancey feathers.   A tad make believe here but it could have happened at least in my world.

There you go, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today..


  1. Beautiful paintings, Annette and a lovely story too! Hope you are having an awesome sunday!

  2. Dear Annette. Your love for horses really shows in these paintings, they are gorgeous, the first one totally blew me...fantastic. Big hug

  3. ...just looked through your blog. Your art is gorgeous!! I love the black and white paint. You can just see the love in his eyes...

  4. Horse paintings are always special and amazing. But yours bring a whole new meaning to Horse Paintings. I just love what you do to make them come alive!

  5. Both are wonderful Annette.
    Hugs Enny.

  6. Loved your story and the paintings are terrific!


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