Monday, April 4, 2011

My Paper Dolls

I wonder if girls play with paper dolls anymore?  You know the kind that you cut out so patiently around the little white tabs that hold the clothes onto the paper dolls ?  Their paper shoes, dresses, hats and scarves?   I use to love cutting out all the high fashion clothes and using my imagination and seeing what kind of lives my dolls would lead.   I remember having an Elizabeth Taylor set and a Doris Day set of paper dolls.  We would play with them for hours and having their imaginary boyfriends and dressing up these little pieces  of paper dolls.  I do wish I had those dolls now, but alas they  probably got torn and wrinkled and tossed away in the trash.  Maybe even one of their arms got torn off when we were dressing them in a hurry to go on a paper doll date.

On my art journal journey with Zinnia, on Roses on my Table, we are doing paper dolls.  Yep you read right.  Well not exactly like Elizabeth and Doris but still dolls.  We are making queens but my dolls just sort of wander and not sure what they are.   I have one set that are kind of frumpy and the other set I am pretending they are the daughters or grandaughters of the frumpy ones. 

 I am having fun with the art journaling and learning lots everytime I play with it.  Of course buying new supplies certainly does not hurt my feelings.  I am surprised how many of the supplies I already have though with scrapbooking and my photography supplies and the art supplies I had from years ago.  

Here you go the frumpy ones.  Now the sweet ladies here are not the frumpy part, I do believe it is their clothing.  My fashion of lace and paper I suppose.   Still they are paper dolls and had so much fun playing with them.

Here are their daughters or grandaughters, beautiful lawn gowns for the garden tea party made out of fashionable tissue paper and a tiny bit of lace.  Something every young lady needs in their closet for the garden party. 

There you go,  Annette's paper dolls of 2011.   I am fixing to start on a larger version of these little treasures soon.  So will see how much I have progressed with them. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.


  1. Oh Annette the paper dolls were my favorites as a child and young girl, I could sit hour on hour and make new clothes , fantastic evening gowns and it was the period when a diva was a diva! As you said Elisabeth Taylor and Doris Day...they really inspired me.I had boxes filled with paper dolls, really wish I still had them. (Probably would secretly make clothes for them!). You really stirred some memories here.

  2. My daughters have never played with paper dolls, but my sister was playing so much!
    This is the age of electronics .......:-)

    Ciao Annette!

  3. Thank you Jane and Franz, yes it is the age of electronics. But oh what they are missing the fun that Jane, your sister and I had playing and using our imagination. Thanks to both of you for the comments.

  4. It's so funny that I just stumbled upon this post... I was reminiscing (with some of my art) about paper dolls last week.

    You definitely created some very fun pages!


  5. Marilyn ParigianApril 5, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    This brings back a lot of memories, Annette. I loved paper dolls and also drawing my own to design outfits. Those paper dolls are probably highly collectible now and I sure wish I had them.

  6. Thanks Kristin, glad you like the pages.
    You and Marilyn are in my same boat, the paper dolls that we use to have. My I bet they are certainly collectibles. We all have good memories of those little sweet dolls.

  7. Fabulous u are so into trying so many things and u have exceeded here as well, love them

    hugz bev

  8. When my sister was still a kid, she loved making paper dolls and clothes for paper dolls. Now she has her own family, and she and her husband are fond of making real dolls and doll clothes for their kids and nieces. How cool is that!


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