Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Penguin Inspired Project

Now I know you are wondering how in the world do some sweet little Penguins inspire a project?  Sometimes as you might well know it doesn't take much to inspire a project of art or love.   It just hits ya over the head with a giant, but soft, hammer and says loudly it's little message.  Be it a Muse or just your inner self and you better pay attention because if not you will just be spinning your wheels and anything you attempt will turn out not the best work you have done.

We have a group at Roses on my Table called Kindred Spirits.   Like the Emperor Penguin we huddle around in a circle for a dear one to keep it warm and give it lots of love.  Isn't that a great idea to send love and warmth to someone who needs a little tender love and care?  I was in charge of this one we just finished.  Zinnia and I  gave out a call for anyone who in Roses would like send some love.   So 13 wonderful and talented ladies sent me a 4x5 card decorated front and back with encouraging words.  I made not one but two fabric books for the cards and off it went by semi snail mail.  Now I say semi snail mail because it had to go over the waters to Australia but still snail mail.     The cards were decorated with lots of texture and that is why we need two books.  

Now I thank Pat Winter for the instructions a year or two ago  that she had posted on her blog Crazy Quilt Gathering.  I took it and had a blast with it and Suzy at Suzy's Threadworks was also an inspiration but my books pale to hers but if you get a chance go over there and look at them.   Beautiful textures and fabrics and laces.

I tried not to out do the cards and for the lace books to say look at me but to also enjoy the beautiful cards.

The outsides of the books different but alike.  
The spine of one of the books with an angel I had "forced" myself to buy at an estate sale.  I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it but it now has a home.

The side view of one of the books, fat little thing isn't it.  Lots of lace besides the cards.

One of the table of content pages.

I am not going to show all of  the inside of the book and it's cards, but did want to show the outside and what a wonderful idea to send love and hugs from afar.  So thank you Emperor Penguins.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.